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The Catacombs

​The Cemetery Catacombs

Catacomb columbarium

The columbarium in the west wing of the catacomb has been designed to offer a light, calm atmosphere. The interior is lit from above by four stained-glass ceiling panels depicting the four seasons.

Niches are available to lease in ten-year periods for as long as required. Each niche can hold one or more urns or caskets which remain the property of the leaseholder.

Visitors to the columbarium can gain access via a key issued by our Information and Security team at the entrance lodge. A peaceful entrance hall with a flower altar separates the columbarium from the chapel of remembrance, where the Book of Remembrance is on display.

Outdoor Columbarium

Memorial garden columbarium

These specially commissioned units were designed to complement the existing beech and holly hedges.

The memorial garden columbarium contains individual niches, each of which has a front section incorporating a memorial plaque and flower receptacle. Behind the plaque is where the cremated remains are placed, and there is enough room for two standard size urns or caskets.

Fresh or silk flowers may be placed in the holders provided on each individual niche. Any other items or tributes are not permitted within this area.

Each niche is of course lockable, and has an aluminium memorial plaque which can be engraved with your own personalised inscription and a motif if required. Niches may be leased in ten-year periods.​

Indoor Columbarium Niches

Indoor Columbarium Niches 

Purchasing a columbarium niche

The selection of a niche is a very personal and intimate process and can only be done effectively by personally visiting the cemetery. Although we can make the selection on behalf of families this is not recommended as we find through experience that this is best done by the person themselves to avoid any disappointments.

Some people will prefer a lower niche while others will prefer a high one at the other end of the unit. There is no right or wrong in the selection of a niche, which is what makes it such a personal experience.

Please contact the Memorial Garden Team by visiting our Bereavement Services office during opening hours, telephone 020 8530 2151, fax us on 020 8530 1563 or email the Cremation Team and arrange to select a columbarium niche.

Designing and ordering a plaque

Once a niche has been selected and purchased you will need to commission a plaque to fit in front of the niche. Our trained staff are available to help and advise the bereaved in the design of the plaque to ensure that it is produced to your satisfaction. The best way to design a plaque is to visit our office during opening hours, though you can also do this via telephone fax or email if you prefer. Contact the Memorial Garden Team to discuss the design and to place your order.

Renewal of lease

As with all dedications within the memorial gardens, the lease is renewable, and it is important therefore to ensure that you notify us if you change address as we will be writing to you offering this option at the end of your lease period. ​

26 April 2012
Last Modified:
05 March 2019