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Regulations and Charter for the Bereaved

Lawn Grave Area

​One the City of London Cemetery's lawn grave areas

Charter for the Bereaved

The City of London Cemetery and Crematorium has adopted the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (ICCM) Charter for the Bereaved. As members we promise to comply with the 33 rights and national standards, and to provide a service which meets the social, ethical and environmental needs of the community and offer choices which enable every individual to arrange a meaningful funeral.

You can download a copy of the charter at the ICCM website and search for ‘Charter for the Bereaved’.

Cemetery Service Standards

At the City of London Cemetery and Crematorium we are committed to providing the best possible service.

We commit to the following standards:

Grass cutting during the growing season

  • The lawn sections and large open lawn areas will be cut fortnightly
  • Strimming of lawn grave areas around headstones will be completed every four to six weeks
  • Large open areas will be cut every two weeks
  • Strimming of traditional grave areas and graves will be completed twice per annum

Flower beds

  • All beds will be planted twice a year
  • All beds will be maintained every two weeks

Grave care

  • Graves maintained under our contract schemes will receive additional attention each month during the growing season and twice during the winter

Memorial gardens

  • Lawn areas cut every 12 days
  • Each garden bed weeded and edged every 21 days
  • Roses will be inspected for disease and aphid infestation every 10 days
  • Roses will be treated within 10 days (and thereafter as required)
  • Paths will be edged every for weeks
  • Paths will be inspected and any repairs completed monthly
  • Roses will be fed after pruning and before the growing season each year
  • Roses will be watered as required
  • Rose heads will be removed after each flush of bloom
  • Shrubs and trees will be replaced as required over the winter period
  • Shrubs and trees will be pruned and cut back in accordance with seasonal requirements

All standards are subject to the weather conditions permitting work.

26 April 2012
Last Modified:
02 July 2019