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Conservation management plan

Historical Print

​An artists impression of the City of London Cemetery in 1856

The Conservation Management Plan

In 2003–4 a Conservation Management Plan for the cemetery was produced at the request of the City of London Corporation. That document summarised the history and significance of the cemetery and made a number of recommendations, both strategic and detailed, for its long-term conservation. The recommendations included an order of priority for measures to protect and enhance the landscape, buildings and memorials. The report’s findings were the subject of comment and revision by a Heritage Advisory Panel, including representatives of English Heritage, English Nature and local authorities

In the years since the Conservation Management Plan was completed it is inevitable that many changes have occurred, some planned but some the result of influences beyond the cemetery’s control. The cemetery management has now commissioned this review of the 2004 Conservation Management Plan.

The aims of the Conservation Management Plan

This Conservation Management Plan is intended to be used not just by the management and staff of the Cemetery but by the entire range of users, visitors and outside authorities. The central aims of the document are as follows:

  • To understand all aspects of the development of the Cemetery: its landscape, its buildings and its roads.
  • To assess the historical and cultural significance of the Cemetery.
  • To identify the issues and ways in which these significances may be vulnerable to reduction or loss.
  • To define conservation policies which will inform the future development of the cemetery, and which will seek to retain and enhance its significance.

After gaining an understanding of the Cemetery through the above points, the document is intended to have the following objectives:

  • To show how the issues concerning the conservation and use of the Cemetery can be resolved.
  • To establish an order of priorities for the management of the Cemetery.
  • To act as an authoritative reference document for staff, users and outside authorities.
  • Detailed instructions for staff will follow in a series of studies and working documents as and when resources allow.

The major management issues which this report examines, and suggests policies for, include:

  • How to reconcile the original use of the Cemetery as a burial site with its increasing potential use as an amenity and educational resource.
  • How to permit the maximum customer choice in the siting and design of memorials without compromising the historic significance of the Cemetery.
  • How best to secure the long-term future of the Cemetery, including the effect on the historic landscape of grave reclamation or reuse.
  • The potential relocation of facilities, especially the works sites.
  • Measures to mitigate the impact of traffic and parking in the Cemetery

If you would like to read the full conservation plan, then please call the Bereavement Services Office on 020 8530 2151 to make an appointment, and a copy will be made available to you. 

26 April 2012
Last Modified:
03 September 2019