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Grave reuse

Heritage Grave Before

​An example of a Heritage grave before renovation

Heritage graves

If you have visited the City of London Cemetery and Crematorium recently, you may have seen that we have some beautiful older and more traditional grave areas. These graves are often located in primary areas and have stunning memorials, and many of the graves within them have leases that are now extinguished.

The City of London Cemetery and Crematorium have a Heritage Programme that conserves the traditional heritage of these grave areas, but allows new families to lease existing graves and re-use the monuments already on them.

This gives you the option of perhaps obtaining a more substantial grave whilst preserving the history of our site.

Heritage Grave After

​This picture shows the same grave after renovation

​As you can see from the pictures, the memorials are completely renovated and brought back to their former beauty. If a family decides to lease a grave in one of these areas, the memorial will be turned around leaving the original inscription on the reverse. This reveals a blank surface for the new lease holders to have there own inscription engraved on the headstone.

Some of the graves in this area have no memorial in place, allowing the new lease holders to purchase one of their own choice. Please note that any new memorials must conform to cemetery regulation relating to the heritage nature of these grave areas.

For more information on what heritage graves are available and what the options are please make an appointment with our Bereavement Services team by calling 020 8530 2151 or email the Cremation Team.

26 April 2012
Last Modified:
03 September 2019