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Ashtead Common bird survey

Bird survey volunteers on Ashtead Common

​Breeding bird surveys have been carried out on Ashtead Common since the 1960s. Dedicated local experts have volunteered their time to understand more about the bird populations on the site. The survey used to be supported by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) and was part of their Common Bird Census (CBC) until 2000 when the BTO replaced this survey with one based on randomly chosen sites, not including Ashtead Common.

The Ashtead Common survey was continued however, by a dedicated group of volunteers supported by the City of London. The volunteers also took on an additional role of looking back at past data obtained from the BTO and trying to understand more about how habitat management has affected our resident and migrant bird populations.

01 March 2013
Last Modified:
21 March 2018