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Riddlesdown is a 43 hectare (104 acre) area of chalk scrub and grassland lying within the London green belt. It is an important and diverse part of our local cultural and natural heritage, shaped by its geology, history and previous land use. Riddlesdown remains part of a green arc of parks, gardens and open spaces that links London with the wider countryside of Surrey.

Thousands of years of human activity on Riddlesdown has left a range of features including earthworks, old trackways and the course of a Roman road. In more recent times, livestock have grazed pasture and kept open the characteristic downland landscape.

Much of Riddlesdown was designated in 1975 as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) for its 'largest single expanse of long-established calcareous scrub in Greater London and also for its herb-rich grassland'.

Riddlesdown Quarry produced lime from the chalk deposits until the 1960s and is now of regional importance for its geological interest.

Registered charity no. 232989

You may not realise that Riddlesdown is a Registered Charity. We value every penny of your generous donations to help us protect these green spaces for recreation and health for future generations to enjoy. To contribute, however small, please call us 01372 279 083 or email City Commons.