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Limewood Working Group member looks at a small-leaved lime tree

​Small-leaved Lime leaves​

Spring Park’s ancient woodland probably holds the largest population of the rare Small-leaved Lime tree (Tilia cordata) in Greater London. Small-leaved Lime trees, once favoured for rope making, are now vulnerable because they struggle to spread by seed and tend not to be found in young woodlands.

Rangers, working with local volunteers and contractors have been re-coppicing the Small-leaved Lime stools and layering stems to encourage regrowth. Timber produced as a by-product of the coppicing work was dragged out of the wood by ‘heavy horses’. Employing horses for this work is more sensitive to the woodland habitat than using heavy machinery, which can damage tree roots, and also helps to keep this skilled traditional craft alive.

01 March 2013
Last Modified:
04 September 2019