Beech Gardens - Barbican Estate - City of London
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Beech Gardens - Barbican Estate

Beech Gardens at the Barbican Estate

Beech Gardens, the Barbican Estate, EC2Y

Opening hours

Permanently open garden, please respect this residential area when visiting.


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Car parking is restricted in the City of London. Parking bays are allocated for disabled drivers.

About this garden 

This garden is a new horticultural approach for the Barbican Estate. The scheme features extensive areas of mixed perennials, grasses and bulbs, all adapted to tolerate the exposed conditions on the site. The plant mixes have been chosen to provide bright colour from spring through to autumn, with interesting winter seed heads and textures. Multi-stemmed small trees and shrubs extend the interest throughout the year.


From a bustling population of 14,000 in the mid-19th century, by the end of the war, just 48 people lived in the parish of Cripplegate. In order to reverse this dramatic depopulation the City of London Corporation decided to build new housing to encourage people to move back.

The estate was designed by architects Chamberlin, Powell and Bon is Grade II listed and a site of special architectural; interest. The design work began in 1959, and the project took over 20 years from conception to completion.

18 March 2015
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29 September 2017