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Have your say on Epping Forest

We always want to know what you think of the Forest, and there are plenty of things we need your input on.

Online surveys 

We regularly run online surveys, which are quick and easy ways for you to directly let us know what you think.

These surveys are usually conducted concerning an immediate matter within the Forest, or to gather a general idea of your use and thoughts on the Forest to influence management decisions for the coming year.

We publicise these surveys across our website and in our visitor centres when they are running, and you can input to these surveys from either location.

We're planning to renovate the Caddie House café at Chingford Golf Course and we want your feedback, so have your say in our survey

Visitor surveys

Every five to ten years we run major visitor surveys for an entire season throughout the Forest. The aim of these surveys is to gather comprehensive data on how you use our centres, other facilities and the Forest at large; and your thoughts on how we manage the Forest.

The most recent of these surveys ran in 2014. Read the full results of the survey in our visitor survey report (2MB) and questionnaire results summary 2014 (290KB).


Alongside our surveys, we run consultations when undertaking larger projects that significantly shape the future of the Forest. To be kept up to date and notified of upcoming consultations, please register for our consultations.

Epping Forest: the next ten years

In the largest consultation we have ever undertaken, we asked to hear your views on the management of the Forest as we develop a new management plan for 2017-2027.

We asked for your help to find out what you value most about the Forest, and which issues are most important to you. We consulted on 55 management issues across six themes based on the Epping Forest Act, these themes were:

  • Public recreation and enjoyment
  • Preservation of the natural aspect
  • Protection of the unspoilt Forest
  • Regulation and management
  • Heritage
  • Deer management

This consultation ran from 25 June to 4 October 2015, and we are currently preparing a report based on your responses. Once complete, we will host the report.

01 July 2013
Last Modified:
09 November 2016