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Staff outside Queen Elizabeth's hunting Lodge

​Visitor Services Team outside Queen Elizabeth's Hunting Lodge

Epping Forest is a Registered Charity, owned and managed by the City of London.

The Forest is of national and international conservation importance and home to over 50,000 ancient pollard trees and 100 lakes and ponds.

Open 365 days of the year, the Forest is free to visit. We host numerous events and activities all year round.

In this section, you can discover how the Forest is managed and who our Verderers are, how to learn about projects affecting the future of the Forest and how to have your say on how we work.

A Forest Keeper talking to Forest Users outside the High Beach Visitor Centre

​A Forest Keeper talking to Forest users

Find out more

To keep up to date with the latest goings on in the Forest, visit our news page or follow us on Twitter.

You can also visit one of our four Forest Centres in the Forest:

Don't forget to explore our heritage and wildlife pages to discover more about the Forest's pasts and the flora and fauna found here today.

You can also contact us with any query you might have about the Forest.

Visitor survey

​Staff and volunteers collecting data for the visitor survey

​Get involved

See our volunteering pages and find out how you can support the Forest.

13 March 2012
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15 October 2019