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The Epping Forest Awards

Find out which parts of the Forest shone brightest in our Epping Forest Awards feature from this Summer's Forest Focus on our Epping Forest Awards page. Each winner links to pages all over our website to help you get out exploring the Forest!

Renovations at Queen Elizabeth's Hunting Lodge

Queen Elizabeth's Hunting Lodge is currently undergoing work to conserve its exterior facade. The Lodge itself will be open as usual throughout this period.

As part of the works, the building will be scaffolded and netted while damaged portions of its surface are repaired with lime putty and then repainted with lime wash. Some repairs may also be made to its timbers where they've deteriorated.

These works will continue through to mid-November.

Low water levels in Wanstead Park

Water levels in Wanstead Park continue to be an ongoing concern. Substantial works undertaken in 2017 helped these problems significantly, but the summer heat this year has exacerbated the issue again. We're hopeful that conditions at the ponds begin to will improve now that temperatures are returning to normal, and plans are being developed to address these issues more fully in the longer term.

For a full update on this issue, see our water levels update, written in August 2018.

Oak Processionary Moth

Oak Processionary Moth has been identified as having potential to be found within Epping Forest, and the species' caterpillars represent a hazard to visitors as their hairs cause severe rashes.

These caterpillars are most active in spring and summer and are found almost exclusively in oak trees. They are best recognised by their long hairs, tendency to move together in nose-to-tail processions, and the trails of white webbing they leave in trees.

It is important for the public, and their pets, not to touch or approach any nests or caterpillars and, if found, to alert Forest staff on 020 8532 1010,and to then alert the Forestry Commission.

For more information on Oak Processionary Moth, please visit our Oak Processionary Moth page.

Transport for London works at Bury Road

Thank you for your patience whilst a TfL compound is situated at the Bury Road overflow car park. The compound will be in place until early Spring. This will allow TfL to carry out essential improvements to the train line from Chingford to Liverpool Street, bringing benefits to the local area and for visitors to Epping Forest.

Forest works and maintenance

You may want to plan your visit to Epping Forest around any maintenance work we're conducting. Typical tasks include clearing, grass cutting and bridleway or path maintenance.

Week commencing Monday 15 October

  • Forest wide: tree safety work, grass cutting, tree defect works, highway verge cutting and cut grass collection
  • Bury Road: contractor compound in place
  • Claypit Hill car park: closed until further notice
  • Gilwell: ditch works
  • Hawksmouth: Essex arboriculture survey
  • High Beach Visitor Centre: herbicide spraying
  • Hill Wood: woodpasture restoration
  • Jubilee Yard: brickwork repairs
  • Lords Bushes: woodpasture restoration
  • Lower Roding: river defence surveying
  • Railway Field: closed to public access
  • Wanstead Flats: floating pennywort control
  • The Warren: herbicide spraying

Upcoming volunteer tasks

  • Tuesday 16 October: conservation work at Goldings Hill Pond with the Epping Forest Conservation Volunteers
  • Thursday 18 October: birch coppicing at Hangboy Slade with the Epping Forest Heritage Trust
  • Friday 19 October: birch removal at Rushey Plain with the Epping Forest Heritage Trust

Note: Some other works may be reactive in nature, and not scheduled. We apologise for any inconvenience these works may cause. For further information, please contact us.

Cattle grazing

Our cows are back on the Forest to graze! Find out where on our cattle grazing page.

13 March 2012
Last Modified:
11 October 2018