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Epping Forest's Top Ten

Beautiful pink flowers frame a view over Connaught Water at dawn. Verdant trees line the far bank with clear blue sky above.

​Connaught Water, your favourite place to visit.

We would like to extend our thanks to all of you who took part in our 'just for fun' Top Ten Awards for Epping Forest which we ran in the summer edition of Forest Focus. It was fascinating for us to go through your results and get a picture of what your Forest favourites are!

We thought you might like to know what came back as the top three for each question and maybe make some plans to get out exploring bits of the Forest you've not seen before!

Each winner below links to one of our other web pages where you can find out more about the Forest or plan a day out!

So, without further ado:

Favourite place to visit

  1. Connaught Water
  2. Chingford Plain
  3. Wanstead Park

Favourite view

  1. Dannett's Hill (the view from The View)
  2. Pole Hill
  3. Baldwin's Hill

Favourite picnic spot

Favourite kite-flying spot

Favourite place for Autumn colours

Favourite wildlife to spot

Favourite pond

Favourite bird

  1. Heron
  2. Kingfisher
  3. Buzzard

Favourite historical landscape 

  1. Copped Hall Park

Favourite tree species

  1. Oak
  2. Beech
  3. Horse chestnut

Favourite place to see deer

  1. Copped Hall

Favourite winter sledging spot 

Favourite way to enjoy the Forest

  1. Peace and quiet

Favourite historical figure

  1. Queen Elizabeth
  2. Dick Turpin
  3. William Morris

Favourite place for peace and quiet

Favourite flower

  1. Bluebell
  2. Water lily
  3. Foxglove

We hope you enjoyed taking part in the survey and finding out what everyone else thinks about the Forest.

Hopefully you feel inspired to try looking for somewhere different to witness the spectacular autumnal colour changes this year, or may venture for a picnic in a new spot!

03 October 2018
Last Modified:
04 October 2018