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    horse wearing Epping Forest licence disc
    ​Horse wearing Epping Forest  licence disc

To help monitor who is using the Forest and for what purpose, some activities taking place in Epping Forest require licences.

Any money generated from these licences is put back into conserving Epping Forest for future generations.

You will need a licence for the following activities in Epping Forest:

  • Riding your horse (this applies to both individuals and riding schools)
  • Running, walking and cycling events
  • Horse riding events
  • Fairs and circuses
  • Food or trade stands at a licensed event
  • Social gatherings
  • Educational visits
  • Sports events and commercial fitness training
  • Filming and still photography

For more information on the licences required for each of these activities, please see the sections below.

Other charges may apply to the use of skips, car parks, storage and scaffolding linked to an event or activity, as well as officer time.

Note: No licences will be issued for metal detecting or fungi picking in the Forest, which are not permitted.

Paying for your licence

Charges depend on the type and size of the event or activity. Some activities are free of charge, but still require a licence. For more information on the cost of different types of licence can be found in the sections below.

Payment can be made in two ways:

  • By debit or credit card. For horse-riding licences, please phone 020 7332 1911. For all other licences, phone 020 8532 1010.
  • By cash. Please visit The View to pay in person.

Horse riding licence scheme

​In order to ride your horse on Epping Forest land, you will need to apply for a horse riding licence and display your licence disc when riding.

Horse-riding is now open in Epping Forest.

Annual licences

Horse riding licences for the period 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018 are available from 1 April 2017.

The licence scheme is run on a quarterly basis and the charges are outlined in the table below.

Annual horse-riding licence prices
between 1 April 2017 and 30 June 2017

Expires on 31 March 2018
between 1 July 2017 and 30 Sept 2017

Expires on 31 March 2018
between 1 Oct 2017 and 31 Dec 2017

Expires on 31 March 2018
between 1 Jan 2018 and 31 March 2018

Expires on 31 March 2018
Riding school licence prices (per horse) £70 £56 £41 £26
Individual (over the age of 16) and horse £56 £44 £32 £20
Individual junior (Under 16) and horse £28 £22 £16 £10
Joint (and up to three people, at least one over 16) £56 £44 £32 £20
Junior joint (one horse and up to three U16s) £28 £22 £16 £10

Please note, all prices include VAT.

Daily and weekly licences

Riders can also purchase a weekly licence valid for seven days if they choose.

Daily and weekly horse-riding licence prices
Daily licence price Weekly licence price
Individual or child £5.00 £7

Please note, all prices include VAT.

Applying for your licence

You will need to submit an application form to us by email in person or by post.

Proof of age is also required for Junior Licence applications and renewals.

Applying by email

To apply by email, please download the appropriate form above and fill it in using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Submit the completed form to us at: You can then pay with us by phone on 020 7332 1911.

Applying by post or in person

In person and postal applications are received by:

The View
Epping Forest
6 Rangers Road
London E4 7QH

Payments made in person can be by cash, card or cheque. You will immediately receive your disc if paying in person.

Post applications require payment of a postal fee of £2.95 in addition to the licence fee. This must be included with your application form. Please allow 5 days for your licence to be issued and posted to you.

All cheques should be made payable to The City of London.

Display of the licence disc

Your licence to ride in the forest is not valid until you have received a disc and it is displayed as follows:

The licence disc is to be displayed on the left hand side of the horse's bridle. If you would prefer, the disc may be displayed on the saddle (special permission is required – please see the application form). Failure to display the valid disc is a breach of the law and may lead to prosecution.

Replacement licence discs

If you lose your disc, you can obtain a replacement by filling in this replacement disc application form (25KB). The charges for replacement are outlined below.

Replacement licence disc costs
Lost or damaged disc
Adult annual licences £7
Riding school proprietor £7
Junior annual licences £3.50

Cancelling your licence

You may at any time cancel your registration and we will reimburse the appropriate fee.

This will be the annual charge you paid divided by 52 and multiplied by the weeks remaining until next 31 March, and minus the issuing cost of £7 and refund cost of £4.

To cancel your licence, please submit a horse-riding licence cancellation form (45KB)

Riding your horse in the Forest

Please read the Horse Riding Regulations (1KB) before riding in the Forest and check our News page before you set off to see if any routes are affected by maintenance work on the Forest this week.

Please note that failure to comply with the rules of the scheme may lead to prosecution with a maximum fine of £200 plus costs.

Running, walking, cycling, horse riding and sports events

For all these types of events, please fill out our general licence application form (35KB)

Please contact for more information.

Running, walking and cycling event licences

  • Non-charity: £103 + £2 per person
  • Charity: price upon application (concessions available)

Please note: prices are subject to VAT.

Horse riding event licences

  • Non charity: £103 + horse riding licence fee per person
  • Charity: price upon application (concessions available) + horse riding licence fees.

Please note: all prices are subject to VAT.

Sports events and commercial fitness training licences

Trainers running fitness sessions in Epping Forest are required to have a licence.

The charge is £14 per session and a £69 administration fee.

Please note: all prices are subject to VAT.

Fairs and circuses

Please fill out a general licence application form (35KB). Prices will be quoted on application.​ Prices will be quoted on application.​

Food or trade stands at a licensed event

Charges for food or trade stands depend on the number of people expected to attend the event.

Food and trade stand licence prices
No. of people expected 1 - 50 5 - 200 200+
Price £50 £100 £150

Please fill out a general licence application form (35KB)

Social gatherings and educational visits

Licences for social gatherings and educational visits are free of charge.

However, we request that you still complete a general licence application form (35KB) for larger events, so that we are aware of your event. This helps us to keep you informed of any issues with the location which will help to ensure your event goes without a hitch.​

Fungi picking

Please note that the fungi licence scheme for Epping Forest has been terminated. Please do not pick up fungi in the forest. Picking or removing anything from the forest is a prosecutable offence under the Epping Forest byelaws.

Licences are currently still granted for fungi research or organized educational fungi courses. Please contact Epping Forest on 020 8532 1010 or to discuss your needs.

Licences will not be issued for personal or commercial consumption.

Please be aware that our Forest Keepers will be closely monitoring this situation.

Thank you for your co-operation in helping to preserve our valuable natural habitat for all.​

Filming and photography

Filming and photography in Epping Forest requires a licence. We accept applications for the filming of adverts, short films, feature films, TV programmes, music videos and student projects in Epping Forest - as well as for a variety of photographic shoots.

Please follow the guidelines below to apply for a licence to film or photograph.

Commercial filming costs
Crew size 1 - 5 5 - 20 20 - 40 40 +
Price £440 + VAT £770 + VAT £1100 + VAT Price on application
Commercial photography costs
Crew size 1 - 5 5 - 15 15 - 30 30 +
Price £330 + VAT £440 + VAT £550 + VAT Price on application

These rates are per day (8 hours). The minimum licence granted is for 4 hours.

Larger crew sizes will be costed at a rate to be agreed. Car parking and base will cost extra. The use of buildings is by prior arrangement only.

News filming and photography is free of charge, but we request a City of London credit on any item that is filmed in Epping Forest.

Student filming and photography

We accept application for student filming and photography. Pricing and guidelines are available on application.

Applying for your licence

For all filming, please fill out a filming and photography licence application form (45KB). This form should then be submitted to:

Epping Forest
The Warren
Essex IG10 4RW

Applications should be accompanied by a risk assessment, copies of your public liability insurance and confirmation of student status where necessary.

Other charges


A £69 + VAT charge per week applies to any skips positioned on forest land.

A refundable deposit may be requested subject to site survey.

Vehicle parking, access, storage and compound areas may cost extra. Prices for these are available on application.

Please complete and return a general licence application form (35KB) to apply.

Car parks

The use of car parks for events or filming requires a licence.

The charges are as follows:

  • Large car park: £685 + VAT
  • Medium car park: £413 + VAT
  • Small car park: £137 + VAT
  • Individual vehicles: Price on application.

Please complete and return a general licence application form (35KB) to apply. If your use of a car park is part of a filming and photography application, include details of car park use in that application - you do not need to complete an additional form.

Compounds, storage and scaffolding on forest land

Compounds, storage or scaffolding used on forest land requires a licence.

Prices are available on application.

Please fill out a general licence application form (35KB) or mention this on your general or filming and photography application form.