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Car parks

A view over Pillow Mounds car park at High Beech, straddling the road and with bright green trees and a blue sky beyond.

​Our car parks

We provide 52 free car parks throughout Epping Forest for our visitors to use.

Please note, our car parks are currently closing at approximately 3pm; but may close earlier under certain circumstances. Be aware that parking after 3pm is prohibited.

Epping Forest parking map

A map of all our car parks is available below.

Disabled parking

Car parks with disabled bays have a wheelchair symbol, while our other car parks are marked with 'P'.

Gated car parks

Gated car parks are shown in navy blue, where our ungated car parks are shown in sky blue.

Contact us

If you need to contact us about an issue pertaining to our car parks, please email us or call 020 8532 1010.

12 November 2015
Last Modified:
10 October 2018