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A photo of the courtyard and balcony of our visitor centre, The View, based in Chingford.

​The View stocks everything that we have on offer, and is an easy journey from Essex or Central London.

Take home a bit of the Forest!

We offer a growing range of produce and crafts made in the Forest itself, from higher-welfare meat to bowls handmade from our trees, and Forest-themed art produced by local artists.

The proceeds generated by sales of these goods go directly toward the upkeep of Epping Forest for the enjoyment of the public across years to come.

All of our produce and wares are available at The View, and many of our craft wares are available at all of our Visitor Centres.

A photo of a carved, barbecued venison haunch from Jose Souto's Game Larder cookbook. Photographic credit to Steve Lee.

​Jose Souto's superb cookbook, 'Venison: the Game Larder' is now available at The View! Photography by Steve Lee.


Our venison all comes from our responsibly-reared and -managed herd of fallow deer at our private sanctuary in Theydon Bois.

We stock a selection of joints, including haunch and saddle, as well as sausages, burgers and diced meat, so whether you're planning a roast, casserole or barbeque, you'll find what you need. If you're at a loss as to what to cook, we also stock copies of Jose Souto's superb cookbook: 'Venison: the Game Larder'.

Due to high demand, we do occasionally run low on venison. If you'd like to enquire about our stock, please call The View on 020 7332 1911.

One of our herd of longhorn cows in a sunny field on Warren Hill.

Higher-welfare beef, responsibly raised in Essex and Greater London.

​Longhorn beef

Our longhorn cattle are a grazing herd, and openly roam parts of the Forest in the warmer months of the year. Thanks to the diet and lifestyle grazing, their meat is often more marbled and has a deeper and richer flavour.

We stock a wide range of steaks and joints, as well as burgers and sausages; suitable for barbeques, roasts or more Cordon Bleu cooking!

Our supply of longhorn beef is intermittent, and we do occasionally run low on stock. If you'd like to enquire about our stock, please call The View on 020 7332 1911.

All proceeds from the sale of longhorn are paying exclusively for new cattle to graze the Forest.

A slow-burning Swedish candle carved from responsibly-sourced Epping Forest wood.

​Swedish candles are a perfect accompaniment for a twilight barbecue.

​Swedish candles and firewood

Carved with chainsaws by our arborists, our 'Swedish Candles' are notched, upright logs that make perfect, long-lasting campfires. We also stock bags of responsibly-sourced firewood.

All of our wood products are cut from our responsibly-forested trees. Please note, however, that fires are not allowed in Epping Forest itself!

Arts and crafts

Epping Forest is rich in inspiration, and many local artists have used it in their work - figuratively and literally!

Colin Seabrook uses responsibly-sourced wood from Epping Forest to make beautiful hand-turned bowls for us. We stock them in a variety of sizes and they make superb gifts.

Many of our local artists choose to exhibit their work with us at The View throughout the year, and we often stock prints, postcards and other giftware based on their art.

17 February 2016
Last Modified:
08 April 2016