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Why we require licences

Epping Forest has 4.2 million visits each year across its 6000 acres. Several of the most popular sites have upwards of a quarter of a million visits each.

This means that there can be conflicts between types of use of the Forest and numbers of activities taking place. There are also a number of activities which can have a detrimental effect on the Forest.

To help us manage the Forest, many activities taking place may require a licence. By licensing activities, we can better monitor what takes place in the Forest to help to ensure that activities don't clash, that users of the Forest are kept safe, and that the Forest itself is protected.

Why we charge licence fees

Most licences incur a charge. Epping Forest is a registered charity and receives no direct funding through taxation. Where we incur costs to our charity due to activities within the Forest, we seek to recover these expenses. All money raised is re-invested into the management and care of the Forest.

Activities that will require a licence

The following activities will, under most circumstances, require a licence.

Click on an activity from the list to find out more, including charges, terms and how to apply.

If the event or activity you want to hold is not on the list, but you think it might require a licence, please contact us to make sure.

Our events policy

Please see our full events policy in the following two documents:

26 October 2017
Last Modified:
02 September 2019