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Event licences

Epping Forest is London’s largest open space and provides 6000 acres of ancient woodland and mixed habitats and is a vital green lung to the city.

The Forest was protected for ‘the recreation and enjoyment of the public’ and there are a huge range of opportunities for recreation on offer including a unique location for events.

However, with 4.2 million annual visits, we have a crucial role in ensuring our visitors are safe, reducing conflict amongst users and ensuring the Forest is sustainable. This is vital to safeguard its future for everyone.

Making an application

To apply to hold an event in Epping Forest, please complete an Events Application Form (179KB).

Applications must be received with an appropriate amount of lead time. This ranges from 3 weeks to 12 months depending on the anticipated attendance of your event.

Once you have completed your form, please return it to us by email.

Terms and conditions

All events are expected to comply with the following terms and conditions:

You are also expected to follow Epping Forest's byelaws.

Please familiarise yourself with these before making your application.

Other requirements

Be aware that we may require a large amount of information pertaining to your event, increasing in scale with the size and complexity of your event. For help anticipating these requirements, please see the London Events Toolkit.

You may also require a Temporary Event Notice and other licences and should make enquiries with the relevant one of the following local authorities regarding these:

Please note, depending on your requirements, a local authority may require up to ten weeks to process a licence for most events - or up to six months for a larger event.


Basic hire fees

Attendees Commercial fee Charitable fee
<50 £0 - £500* per day £0 - £250* per day
50-499 £650 per day + 5% of ticket prices £325 per day + 5% of ticket prices
500-4999 £1950 per day + 5% of ticket prices £975 per day + 5% of ticket prices
5000+ By negotiation By negotiation

* - fees for minor events will vary depending on the nature of the event, infrastructure and ticketing

Deposits and other charges

You will also be required to pay the following fees.

Item Fee
Application fee £50*
Deposit 25% of hire fee
Damage deposit
£500 or 20% of hire fee**
Set-up and dismantle
15% of hire fee per day

* - the application fee is halved for charitable/non-profit applications
** - whichever is less

Infrastructure and facility fees

These fees will apply if you plan on using our facilities.

Item Fee
Exclusive use of small car park £143 per 8 hour day
Exclusive use of medium car park £431 per 8 hour day
Exclusive use of large car park £714 per 8 hour day
Use of Forest land for storage £0.58 per m2 per day
Use of water supply £50 per day or a metred charge
Use of electricity supply £50 per day or a metred charge
Specialist ground application On application
Staffing costs On application


If you choose to cancel your event, a percentage of your deposit - up to 100% - may be refundable. This is calculated on a sliding scale depending on the size of the event and the amount of notice given.

Full details of our cancellation policy are available in our events policy.

08 November 2017
Last Modified:
08 November 2019