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Filming and photography licences

All filming and photography in Epping Forest requires a licence, unless strictly personal.

Please note, all fees presented below are per day rates, based on an 8 hour working day.



We accept applications for the filming of adverts, short or feature films, TV and music videos. Fees scale depending on the size and nature of filming, and its impact on the Forest.

Please note: you must have a licence for student and non-profit filming.


  • 1-5 crew: £460
  • 5-20 crew: £800
  • 20-40 crew: £1148
  • 40+ crew: price on application

Commercial photography

We accept applications for shoots where your photography is intended for commercial use. The fees charged depend on the type and scale of the shoot.

Please apply for a licence below.


  • 1-5 crew: £345
  • 5-15 crew: £460
  • 15-30 crew: £574
  • 30+ crew: price on application

Studio shoots

We license studio-style shoots where the Forest is used as a backdrop for portraits, training or safari-type shoots. Licences are available for single shoots, and we also offer an annual licence for repeated use. A maximum of 6 people are permitted on this licence type.

Please apply for a licence below.


  • One-off shoot: £55
  • Annual licence: £330

Student and not-for-profit photography

If your shoot is for a non-commercial purpose, such as a student project, a licence may be required. This depends on the scale of the shoot as well as the content.

Please contact us below to discuss whether a licence is required.


£25 administration fee + staff time as required by your shoot. Final price on application.

Personal and amateur photography

We allow photography of a strictly personal, non-profit nature within the Forest without a need for a licence or fee, provided no props or setup are used.

If your shoot requires setup or props, please contact us below.

Applying for your licence

To apply for a licence to carry out photography or filming in Epping Forest, please complete a Filming and photography application form (1.3MB) and submit it to us by email.