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Other licences

Epping Forest may license a number of uses of Forest land including non-visitor use of our car parks, and placement of the following:

  • Skips
  • Compounds
  • Scaffolding

Please note, your proposed use of Forest land will be assessed primarily against its impact on the Forest, its wildlife, its users and nearby residents. Your application may be rejected if we believe your proposed use will have an unacceptable impact on any of these.

Making an application

To apply to use Forest land, please complete a General Licence Application Form (120 KB) and submit it to us by email.


Item Fee
Placement of a skip on Forest land £72 per week
Exclusive use of small car park £143 per day
Exclusive use of medium car park £431 per day
Exclusive use of large car park £714 per day
Use of Forest land for compounds,
storage or scaffolding*
£0.58 per m2 per day

* - the minimum overall charge for use of Forest land, including administration fees, is £72.


If you would like to speak with us about a proposed use of Forest land, please contact Epping Forest.