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Date updated: 10/05/2021

2021-2031 Management Plan - Have your say!

We are currently preparing our 10-year management plan that will guide our work on Farthing Downs from 2021 to 2031. We'd like to hear what you think about the main actions of plan and any aspect of our proposed work.

With help from volunteers and the local community alongside our Ranger team, the plan will better protect and enhance the amazing biodiversity, heritage and landscape of Farthing Downs for people to enjoy today and for generations to come.

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Managing the Coulsdon Commons

Keeping the Coulsdon Commons looking wonderful all year round takes a lot of hard work. We have been working closely with our communities, visitors and partners to develop ten-year management plans to help protect and preserve these special sites for future generations and biodiversity. These plans outline why and how we intend to do this, highlighting our main projects and guiding the practical work programme for the Rangers each year.

Farthing Downs is managed by the City of London as part of four urban commons across South London and Surrey known collectively as the Coulsdon Commons. This includes:

  • Farthing Downs
  • Kenley Common
  • Coulsdon Common
  • Riddlesdown

In 2019, these sites became a National Nature Reserve (NNR) owing to their high value for wildlife and nationally important biodiversity.

South London Downs NNR

The South London Downs NNR is a partnership initiative involving Natural England, the City of London and Croydon Council. It brings together 417ha of key sites, including the four within the Coulsdon Commons, to protect and enhance some of our most important habitats across a wide urban area, providing inspiration and opportunity for Londoners to engage with the natural world.