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Picnickers sit on Parliament Hill with a vivid rainbow in the sky beyond

The City of London has the privilege of managing Hampstead Heath. We welcome our role as custodian of this remarkable green space for current and future generations.

A ten-year management strategy guides us in this important work.

A Management Strategy for Hampstead Heath

This draft Management Strategy for Hampstead Heath sets a road map for realising the long-term aspirations of the Heath Vision (124 KB). The draft Strategy sets out four long-term Outcomes and Eleven Priorities (156 KB) to guide the management of the Heath over the next ten years.

A public consultation on the draft strategy took place between Thursday 4 October and Monday 19 November. Thank you to everyone who took time to feed back on our proposed strategy. A finalised version of the strategy will be available soon, shaped by your comments.

Managing Hampstead Heath

We’ve been working on this for some time, commencing with a review of the comprehensive 2007 Management Plan (3.96MB) in 2016. A summer of public consultation, community workshops and events; and an online survey followed in 2017 and resulted in the Heath Vision.

Managing the Heath is all about finding a balance. Balancing the impacts of visitors with conservation of the Heath’s many values. As well as finding a balance between the varied, and sometimes contradictory, needs of different user groups, activities and experiences. This is not about changing everything we do. It is about working together to achieve our goals.

The Vision

During 2017 we asked people to imagine the Heath in 50 years’ time and to tell us their vision. We received almost 1600 responses and a wealth of information about the ways that people value the Heath and the ways it enriches their lives.

Thank you to everyone who contributed and shared their aspirations for Hampstead Heath. The Heath Community Vision distils the diverse range of views that were expressed and encapsulates the many aspirations that were shared throughout the engagement process.

The community vision for Hampstead Heath

  • We protect and conserve the Heath
  • The Heath enriches our lives
  • The Heath is inclusive and welcoming
  • Together we care for the Heath

The Heath Vision (124KB) will guide our work to develop the 2018 Heath management plan and sets a clear course for working with the community to realise our shared aspirations.

Next steps

Finalising the draft Heath Strategy marks a key milestone. In parallel, we have been working to set up a new Management Framework. Many of the Priorities and Commitments set out in the draft Strategy are already underway, as scheduled in the Divisional Plan and Annual Work Programme for 2018-19. And others are prioritised for resource allocation in the second year of the Divisional Plan.

In 2019 we will be inviting your views on these planned projects and work streams, and seeking your input to projects in 2020-21 and how they can be resourced and developed, as well as potential partnerships and opportunities for collaborating.

A draft Divisional Plan sets out priorities for the coming 3 years for Hampstead Heath, as well as other sites. The draft document can be viewed on the City of London democracy site.