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Picnickers sit on Parliament Hill with a vivid rainbow in the sky beyond

Work is underway to review the ten year management plan for Hampstead Heath, building on the detailed 2007 Management Plan (3.96MB). We want to conserve and sustain the best of the Heath, ensure we fulfil our role as custodian of the Heath for current and future generations, and that we honour its rich natural, built and cultural heritage.

Since April we have been working with environmental charity Groundwork London to engage with community groups, locals and visitors to the Heath to share their vision for Hampstead Heath 50 years from now. Groundwork London’s community engagement activities concluded in June, with a report on the findings presented to the Hampstead Heath Consultative Committee on 17 July and a final feedback meeting to community groups on 2 August.

Thank you to everyone who contributed and shared their aspirations for Hampstead Heath.

The proposed Community Vision is informed by over 1,300 survey responses and hundreds of conversations and comments collected during engagement activities throughout May and June 2017. It distils the diverse range of views that were expressed and encapsulates the many aspirations that were shared throughout the engagement process.

You can read the proposed Community Vision for Hampstead Heath on Groundwork London’s webpage.

Next steps

The proposed Community Vision will be tabled for approval by the Hampstead Heath, Highgate Wood and Queen’s Park Committee when it meets in November 2017 (postponed from September). We look forward to sharing the final Community Vision with you in late November.

Enquiries and updates

Please email us with any enquiries or to receive email updates about the Heath Vision.

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Let us know what you think on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram handles or using #HeathVision.

Consultation events

Together with Groundwork, we ran six very well-attended drop-in consultation stalls on the Heath across the week of 15 May. We also ran our online Heath Vision survey which closed on 19 June and gathered a huge amount of information.

We'd like to thank everyone who took the time to talk to us or fill in a survey. We now have a lot of valuable insight into how you in particular use the Heath, why it's special to you, and what you want to see from the Heath across the coming years.

Press coverage

You can read more about the Heath Vision in these articles and press releases:

Vision workshops

Over 40 people representing more than 30 community organisations and Heath user groups participated in vision workshops in May 2017. The information shared during the workshops will be included in a consultation report along with aspirations from the pop-up stalls and the online survey.

​An illustrator captured group discussions at the Heath Vision workshops with some fantastic drawings. You can see the drawings on our Facebook:

During the workshops participants were invited to note any questions or comments they had about the Heath Vision project. These have been recorded and may be viewed below, along with a brief response from the Superintendent.

​Responses to questions raised during the workshops

What are the timeframes for this consultation?

The schedule for this consultation is:

Vision workshops: 6-12 May 2017

Pop-up consultation on the Heath 16 – 20 May 2017

Online survey 22 May to 19 June 2017

A Feedback meeting for people who attended the Visioning Workshops – invitations to be sent in early July 2017

Summary report on consultation findings to be published in July 2017.

Why do we need a vision now?

We decided to begin the consultation because...

  • ​We are reviewing the ten-year management plan. The current plan was approved in 2007 and is due to be renewed in 2018.
  • We want to build on the detailed 2007 Plan and want to take a longer term perspective to ensure that what we do today sets us on a solid path to realising the Heath of the future.
  • This is about building on and consolidating the excellent work undertaken by many over ten years ago to develop the current 2007 Plan.

Was there any consultation before the 2007 plan?

​Public consultation was undertaken from February to June 2007 by Resources for Change and the Environment Council.

Over 2000 responses were received and considered prior to publishing the final Plan in November 2007.

Overall the proposals set out in the draft Plan were largely endorsed by respondents. The consultation was effective not only in establishing resonance with the approach, but also in opening dialogue and establishing relationships with stakeholders for future engagement.

Why not a focused workshop on sports and recreation?

​We adopted the approach we're taking because want to hear from everyone in developing a Heath Vision.

We want participants from a range of community and interest groups to meet in a group so that they can hear and share their aspirations with others to ensure that the vision reflects a broad range of interests.

How can we ensure Heath budgets are protected and ring-fenced for the future?

​The City of London Corporation invests over £5million a year in the Heath and a total of £28 million in all our green spaces, for the benefit of all Londoners. We will continue to ensure that Hampstead Heath is funded and resourced as one of London's leading green spaces.

Within this long term commitment, budgets are reviewed and resources prioritised and allocated on an annual basis. As a Charitable Trust, Hampstead Heath has a duty to make the best use of the resources we have. This is done through regularly reviewing the cost, efficiency and effectiveness of our services, the outcomes that are achieved and how these meet our long term aspirations for the Heath.

Capturing a community vision for Hampstead Heath will shape this process to ensure we stay on track to realise our long term vision for ensuring the Heath enriches the lives of current and future generations.