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  • What can you do on Hampstead Heath?
    The starting frame of our 'what to do on the Heath' video, with a play button superimposed.
    ​Have a look at our Hampstead Heath - a great day out video to see the wide range of activities available.

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Important message for swimmers!

Note: Apart from life-guarded areas of swimming ponds, swimming in Hampstead Heath ponds is very dangerous and not permitted.

A Hampstead Heath strategy for the next ten years

Our new Hampstead Heath Management Strategy 2018 – 2028 sets out priorities that will guide our management of the Heath over the next ten years. These priorities will help us achieve the aspirations of the Heath Vision - developed with the help of feedback from a wide range of Heath users and local stakeholders,

The Strategy includes a set of outcomes designed to link to our priorities which will guide the work delivered on the ground, and also to the wider City of London Corporate Plan and Vision of contributing to a flourishing society, supporting a thriving economy and shaping outstanding environments.

Find out more on our management page.

Oak Processionary Moth

Oak Processionary Moth is a notifiable pest which the City of London are working closely with the Forestry Commission to control. The species' caterpillars shed allergenic hairs which can cause a serious rash in both humans and animals on contact. The caterpillars cause minimal damage to the trees themselves unless the caterpillar numbers are very high. The pesticide is a naturally occurring bacterial extract that targets only caterpillars feeding at the time of application and poses no risk to people, animals and other wildlife.

For further information on OPM visit our dedicate page on Oak Processionary Moth. If you have any questions or concerns please call 0207 332 3322.

It is important for the public, and their pets, not to touch or approach any nests or caterpillars and, if found, to alert Heath staff with the date, time and location of the nest or caterpillar on 020 7332 3322,  and to then alert the Forestry Commission.