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Date updated: 30/05/2022

There is a large collection of historic postcards of the Heath from the late 1800s and early 1900s. These show how the landscape has changed and also how the Heath was used by the public. They give us a fascinating insight into the history of the Heath. 

Selected postcard images have been plotted on an interactive map at the location featured. The number of images displayed on this map will grow over time as there are over 1000 historic postcards.

How it works

  • Click your cursor on the black arrows on the map linked below and you can see the historic image along with a recent image
  • You can look at this map from your desktop or go out on the Heath with your mobile device and look at them in situ
  • Image locations are representative only. Whilst every effort has been made to match the locations on the postcards, it was not possible in some areas.
  • Please note, this map is in its pilot stage and we are still updating the dates of the images so they may not all be accurate at this time.
  • Thanks to historian, Michael Hammerson, for allowing us to use his collection of postcards.
Interactive historic postcard map