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Adventure Playground and Clubhouse

The Adventure Playground on a sunny morning with swings, climbing frames and other playground favourites surrounded by grass.


​The Adventure Playground and Clubhouse are located at Hampstead Heath, NW5 1QR.

Contact us

020 7482 2116

Opening hours

Clubhouse opening hours

Term-time opening hours (April to October only)

  • Tuesday to Friday:
  • Saturday:

School holiday opening hours (April to October only)

  •  Monday to Friday:

Adventure Playground opening hours

​The Adventure Playground is always open.

​The Clubhouse is a unique and special place where children can play and engage in activities that they have freely chosen. The space is welcoming, fun and open access, allowing children to come and go as they choose. The service is provided free by the City of London.

Parking info and travel links

See our Getting to Hampstead Heath page for help planning your journey.

What we offer

​The Clubhouse provides safe but challenging play areas.

Outside we have a number of adventure play structures and space for ball games.  We provide a programme of outdoor activities such as den building, obstacle courses, dodge ball, cricket, circus skills and water slides.

Indoors we have an activity room for games, arts and crafts.  We provide a programme of activities such as mask making, recycled junk modelling, leaf printing and badge making.

​Why play?

Play is essential for children’s wellbeing and provides many benefits including personal, social, emotional, creative and physical development.

Through play, children can:

  • keep active and healthy
  • develop motor skills, flexibility and balancing skills
  • mix with young people of a range of ages and backgrounds
  • develop social skills and make friends
  • learn about the world around the
  • encounter and learn about risk and consequences
  • build confidence
  • be creative and develop their imaginations
  • develop reasoning skills, solve problems and make decisions
  • develop emotionally and build self-esteem
  • develop language skills
  • have fun!

Admissions policy

  • 8 – 16 year olds can access the facilities independently
  • 5 – 8 year olds must be accompanied by an adult
  • The space is not suitable for under-5s

Important information

The clubhouse provides Open Access Play, which means that children and young people are free to come and go as they choose.

During opening hours, the Clubhouse is staffed by playworkers who are able to support young people’s play and learning. The play workers will oversee safety onsite during opening hours, however they are not responsible for ensuring that the young people stay on site and do not provide formal childcare.

Behaviour Policy

We want to provide a friendly and welcoming environment at the Clubhouse. All children and young people are expected to respect other children and staff by listening and playing in ways that are safe for themselves and for others.

Parents should behave in a respectful way and discuss any issues concerning other children with staff instead of with the children directly. Children will often sort out their differences through play, and this provides valuable learning opportunities. We want all children to play with confidence.

We will not tolerate behaviour believed to be harmful, intimidating or in any way abusive. Staff will discuss concerns about children’s or adult’s behaviour with them where appropriate, and we reserve the right to exclude any child or adult behaving in this manner.