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A family sit cross-legged in the grass and enjoy a picnic in Hampstead Heath.

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Some simple guidelines to help protect the Heath

The Heath is a valuable natural space and we have some rules in place for its protection that you should be aware of during your visit.

Filming and photography

Please be aware that all filming and photography not strictly for personal use is regulated on Hampstead Heath and you will need to seek permission from us before filming or shooting. This applies to all commercial and student projects. A fee may apply depending on the nature of your project.

For more information, including how to apply for permission to film, please see our filming and photography page.


Barbecues and campfires are not allowed on Hampstead Heath.

In addition to the obvious fire risk, barbecues cause the grass beneath them to die, making bare patches in the turf. These bare patches are unsightly and can become colonised by problematic species such as thistles.

Dog walking

Responsible dog walkers and their dogs are very welcome on Hampstead Heath, but some simple rules apply. Please find out more on our dog walking page.

Use of drones

Please note that, in most circumstances, use of drones on Hampstead Heath is banned. For more information, please see our drone guidelines.


Hampstead Heath has a number of byelaws you will need to follow. A rule of thumb is to simply follow any rules posted on signage around the Heath, usually at entrance points.

If you think an activity you're participating may be regulated by a byelaw, please see our byelaws page for more information.

Access for everyone

Accessible toilets

Accessible toilets are located at:

  • Parliament Hill staff yard
  • Athletics track
  • Golders Hill Park Café
  • Golders Hill Park Zoo
  • Vale of Health
  • Heath Extension
  • Kenwood House

Mobility scooters

People with limited mobility can have access to our mobile electric buggy scheme with prior booking. For more
information, please call 020 7485 5757. This free service is provided in partnership with Disability in Camden.

Disabled parking

Disabled parking is available at all of our car parks. Please make sure that you display a valid blue European Badge. For more information on parking visit our getting to Hampstead Heath page.

How we manage the Heath

To find out more about how the Heath is managed, and our plans through to 2017, download our Hampstead Heath Management Plan (4MB).

13 March 2012
Last Modified:
02 December 2019

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