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A family picnic in the grass at Parliament Hill Fields, with a stormy sky above just breaking into sunshine and a rainbow beyond

Enjoy refreshments at our cafés

Hampstead Heath has a range of great food and drink to keep you going on your day out!

Parliament Hill Café

Parliament Hill Café offers a great range of food and drink close to all of the Heath's amenities and sports facilities.

Parliament Hill Café Map

020 7485 6606

Opening hours

  • 9am - 4.30pm (earliest) 9pm (latest) as seasons change

Parliament Hill Lido café

Run by Hoxton Beach, the Lido café serves a broad menu of salads, sandwiches and freshly baked goodies. Practically poolside, it's a great spot to grab a bite to eat and a refreshing drink after a long swim or a ramble across the Heath.

Parliament Hill Lido Café Map

Opening hours

  • 7am - 3.30pm

020 3602 9606

Golders Hill Park Refreshment House

Just inside the entrance to Golders Hill Park, the Refreshment House offers great food and coffee and an almost infamous range of sumptuous ice cream.

Golders Hill Park Refreshment House Map

020 8455 8010

Opening hours

  • 9am - one hour before the park closes.

Kenwood Brew House restaurant

Owned and managed by English Heritage, Kenwood House and the café sit on the north edge of the Heath and provides a daily changing menu of hot breakfasts and lunches. Cakes, pastries, ice cream and a children's menu are all available throughout the day.

Kenwood Brew House restaurant Map

020 8348 4073

Opening hours

  • 9am - between 4pm and 6pm as seasons change (closed 24, 25 and 31 December).

Picnics on the Heath

Hampstead Heath is an ideal destination for a picnic, and draws people from far and wide each year.

Where to picnic

We recommend having a look at our Hampstead Heath Map (2MB) and then heading out with your basket to find a spot you like best; but most consider Parliament Hill to be our prime location with its natural beauty and superb views of the London skyline.

Parliament Hill can get very busy on sunny days, but surrounding Parliament Hill Fields has plenty of space for picnics.


Barbecues are not allowed on Hampstead Heath.

In addition to the obvious fire risk, barbecues cause the grass beneath them to die and making bare patches in the turf. These bare patches can also become colonised by problematic species such as thistles. Collectively, this damages both the ecology and beauty of the landscape.


We welcome picnickers to the Heath, but do ask that everyone takes their rubbish with them. We provide large bins across the Heath for this purpose.

Litter is very expensive to manage and we are a registered charity with limited resources. By disposing of your litter, you allow us to save those resources for the conservation of the Heath and for projects which benefit you, our users.

Please be aware that littering is prohibited by both common law and our byelaws, and this can be enforced by the Hampstead Heath Constabulary.

29 November 2016
Last Modified:
20 June 2019