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Highgate Wood sports field late one Autumn day. The sun is low and casting long shadows on the picnickers eating here.

Oak Processionary Moth

Oak Processionary Moth has been identified as having potential to be found within Highgate Wood, and the species' caterpillars represent a hazard to visitors as their hairs cause severe rashes.

These caterpillars are most active in spring and summer and are found almost exclusively in oak trees. They are best recognised by their long hairs, tendency to move together in nose-to-tail processions, and the trails of white webbing they leave in trees.

It is important for the public, and their pets, not to touch or approach any nests or caterpillars and, if found, to alert Heath staff on 020 7332 3322,and to then alert the Forestry Commission.

For more information on Oak Processionary Moth, please visit our dedicated page on Oak Processionary Moth.

Conservation Management Plan

City of London staff and Highgate Wood users and local people have worked together to produce a new Conservation Management Plan for Highgate Wood.

View the Conservation Management Plan (3MB) for Highgate Wood.

08 December 2015
Last Modified:
13 May 2019

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