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A member of the Constabulary helps a visitor with an enquiry

The Constabulary

The Hampstead Heath Constabulary is responsible for public safety at Hampstead Heath, Highgate Wood and Queen's Park.

Everybody wants a safe and secure Highgate Wood. The Constabulary's aim is to reduce the level of crime and anti-social behaviour through high profile patrolling, deterrence and enforcement where appropriate. Crime, while rare on the Heath, causes distress, anger and inconvenience. We are committed to helping the victims of crime, particularly the more vulnerable members of society and we will ensure that they are afforded the highest level of care and attention, courtesy and compassion. We recognise the need for tact and sensitivity.

The Constabulary carries out patrols in marked vehicles, on foot and on mountain bikes. The mountain bikes enable officers to patrol areas that are more secluded.

How to contact us

Constabulary: 020 8340 5260 or Email Hampstead Heath Constabulary.

Metropolitan Police non-emergency reporting line: 101

In an emergency always call 999.


For more information on how the Constabulary polices certain activities, including rules you may need to be aware of, please see our byelaws page.


The Hampstead Heath Constabulary was established in 1994 and currently consists of 12 attested constables, four of whom are dog handlers. Each dog handler is assigned a dog and they then become a working team. Upon passing a stringent test, the team is awarded a license to become operational.

The Constabulary, which also covers Highgate Wood and Queen's Park, is called upon to enforce Byelaws, Common Law and Criminal Law, protect City of London property and provide a response to any incident that may disrupt the enjoyment of users of these sites.

29 November 2016
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30 August 2019