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​The City of London’s Green Spaces are managed by the Open Spaces Department. The Department is led by the Director, Colin Buttery, supported by the Senior Management Team including the Superintendents for each Open Space.

Charitable trusts

Burnham Beeches and Stoke Common, City Commons, Epping Forest, Hampstead Heath, Highgate Wood, Queen’s Park and West Ham Park are charitable trusts. They are run at no cost to the communities that they serve and funded principally by the City of London, together with grants, trading income, donations and sponsorship.

As charities our green spaces need lots of support from the communities they serve. Please see their donations and volunteering pages for more information on how you can help conserve and protect our iconic green spaces.

Local government services

City Gardens and the City of London Cemetery and Crematorium are not charities and are funded solely by the City of London.

Member committees

The City of London’s Open Spaces are governed by four committees as part of the wider governance structure of the City of London Corporation:

  • The Epping Forest and Commons Committee
  • The Hampstead Heath, Queen’s Park and Highgate Wood Management Committee
  • Open Spaces, City Gardens and West Ham Park Committee
  • Port Health and Environmental Services Committee

The contact for the governance of City of London Open Spaces is:

Director of Open Spaces
City of London
PO Box 270, Guildhall
London EC2P 2EJ
020 7332 3505
Email: Open Spaces Department.

For any faults or problems you may have in our open spaces - such as damaged signs, fences or stiles, fly-tipping, excessive litter or obstructions on footpaths – please use our online reporting tool. ​

08 May 2012
Last Modified:
05 September 2019