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Open Spaces approved budget 2015/2016

​Gross Expenditure (£) 29,700,000
​Income ​10,615,000
​Net expenditure ​19,085,000
Gross Expenditure Comprises (£):
​Employees ​14,256,000
​Supplies and services​ 2,152,000
​Premises related expenses ​1,771,000
​​Transport ​​622,000
​Repairs and maintenance 5​,039,000
​Other payments ​​716,000
​Recharges 5,144,000

The City of London maintains 4,500 hectares of green spaces in Greater London and beyond.

Our spaces range from the National Nature Reserve of Burnham Beeches in Buckinghamshire to the Grade 1 listed landscape of the City of London Cemetery and Crematorium in the East End.

The spaces are managed through eight charitable trusts.

The City of London spends around £29 million a year maintaining the sites, and generates around £10 million in income from activities at the sites.

Over 20 million people visit our green spaces each year.

More than 300 staff in the Open Spaces Department look after the City of London Corporation's green spaces.

Over 55,000 volunteer hours are worked at green spaces. Volunteers carry out extensive conservation work and also participate in the management of the sites.

The City of London's green spaces have received 15 green flags and 12 green heritage site accreditations in recent years.

Around 143,000 people a year attend events and activities at City of London green spaces.

16,000 school children attend education sessions at green spaces each year​.

Figures stated below are for the budget position as at 31 March 2015

All the green spaces are funded from City's Cash (the City's own investment funds) apart from those marked with an asterisk.


​Directorate​ ​Gross expenditure (£)​Income (£)​Net expenditure (£)
​Total ​983,000​983,00​0

Epping Forest

​Epping Forest ​Gross Expenditure (£)​Income (£)​Net Expenditure(£)
Epping Forest - City Bridge Trust 237,000​237,0000
​Chingford Golf Course237,000282,000-45,000
​Wanstead Flats247,00065,000182,000
​Woodredon & Warlies​104,000​104,000​0

Burnham Beeches

​Burnham Beeches ​Gross expenditure (£)​Income (£)​Net expenditure (£)
​Stoke Common ​51,000​29,000​​22,000

City Commons

City Commons ​Gross expenditure (£)​​Income (£)​​Net expenditure (£)

West Ham Park

West Ham Park ​Gross expenditure (£)​​Income (£)​​Net expenditure (£)
​West Ham Park - City Bridge Trust​27,000​27,000​0

City Gardens*

City Gardens ​Gross expenditure (£)​​Income (£)​​Net expenditure (£)
​Bunhill Fields​318,000​0​318,000

Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath ​Gross expenditure (£)​​Income (£)​​Net expenditure (£)
​Hampstead Heath - City Bridge Trust​252,000​252,000​0
​Hampstead Heath - STEM and Policy Education​49,000​0​49,000

Queen's Park

Queen's Park ​Gross expenditure (£)​​Income (£)​​Net expenditure (£)

Highgate Wood

Highgate Wood ​Gross expenditure (£)​​Income (£)​​Net expenditure (£)

City of London Cemetery & Crematorium*

City of London Cemetery & Crematorium ​Gross expenditure (£)​​Income (£)​​Net expenditure (£)