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Sustainability - Green spaces

Burnham Beeches Sustainability - electric bike

​The Open Spaces Department takes measures to ensure that we consider the economic, environmental and social impact of activities on our open spaces and surrounding environment.

Our sustainability policy focusing on legislation and policy; energy and water; procurement and waste; transport and pollution; biodiversity and heritage; information and best practice and monitoring and reviewing works alongside the following City of London policies:

  • Corporate Plan
  • City Together Strategy – The City of London’s Sustainable Community Strategy
  • Climate Change Mitigation Strategy
  • Climate Change Adaptation Strategy
  • Energy Strategy
  • Biodiversity Action Plan
  • Central Sustainability Policy
  • Procurement Strategy
  • Fair-trade Resolution
  • Air Quality Strategy 2015 - 2020
  • Energy Code of Practice
  • Open Spaces Departmental Vision

One of the projects developed by our Open Spaces Sustainability Group is a unique Sustainability Audit System (SAS) to measure the environmental impact of the Department’s work and to drive efficiencies through our business plan. For more information on the SAS please see our Open Spaces Annual Report which can be accessed on the governance page

Sustainability news

Burnham Beeches have recently purchased two electric bicycles to encourage staff to get out of their vehicles, and travel around the reserve to complete daily tasks by bike instead. The bikes are installed with a small motor powered by a lithium ion battery and computer to assist with pedalling. The clever design of the bicycles means less effort needs to be put in by the rider, so hills and towing material are not a problem. The electricity used to power the bicycles cost around 0.3p per mile - or free to Burnham Beeches who generate their own power through their solar panels! The bikes have proved popular with staff and another City of London space, Queen’s Park, has recently purchased a bike due to the success at Burnham Beeches.   

08 May 2012
Last Modified:
05 September 2019