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A wayleave is a right of way over or through land. The City of London issues these agreements that allow a right of use or access over its open spaces land in exchange for payment - which is reinvested back into the management of the land.

It’s a temporary arrangement that does not automatically transfer from one occupier to another.

​Wayleave charges: changes from 1 October 2015

The Wayleave fees that the City of London has set for access rights over its various Open Spaces were last reviewed during 2005 and have remained unchanged since then.

The City wishes to increase the Wayleave fees for the use of its property and intends to introduce structured increases from 1 October 2015.

These increases will affect homeowners, businesses and organisations who have Wayleave access arrangements for handgates and motorgates passing across the following Open Spaces:

The increases in fees will be as follows:


Currently, Handgates are charged for at £5 per gate, per year.

The annual fee from 1 October 2015 for Handgates is to be £20 (or £10 if paid by direct debit). For those who hold a four year licence the new fee for the four year period is £80 (or £40 if paid by direct debit).


Currently, Motorgates are charged for at a flat £50 per gate, per year.

From 1 October 2015, Motorgate Wayleave fees are to be increased and structured based upon Council Tax banding which is intended to reflect the value of access rights over open space land to the third party property that it serves.

The Council Tax banding system is considered to be the most equitable method to structure increased cross-over fees from the least to the most expensive dwellings.

The revised Motorgate Wayleave fees for properties within the various Council Tax bandings are as shown:

​Council Tax Banding ​Revised Fee
A​ ​£70
B​ ​£81
​C ​£93
D​ £105​
E​ £128​
F​ £151​
G​ £175​
H​ £210​

​Wayleave charges: the reason

Your fee pays for you to access City of London property. Our green spaces are Charitable Trusts and the City is required manage the land in the best interests of the charities, which includes making charges.

​Wayleave charges increase

The last review of Wayleave charges was 10 years ago in 2005 and there have been no increases in that time. We realise that has resulted in a big jump, but Wayleave holders have benefitted from a decrease in ‘real terms’ costs since that last review. The charges as they stand are no longer adequate to cover the cost of managing and administration of the land and the services provided.

The City does not maintain the access, why should I pay?

The Wayleave is for access over the land only as it is seen. We do not undertake to improve the land to provide the access as this is the responsibility of the wayleave-holder.

Pay by direct debit

You can pay an annual direct debit but nota monthly direct debit. The City’s finance system is not yet set up for monthly billings, but we may be able to accommodate this in the future. For other payment options - including cheque - please contact the relevant Open Space using the contact details provided below.

Non-payment of wayleave charges

The City of London's green spaces have enforcement policies to address persistent non-payment of fees. Enforcement would be undertaken by warning letters potentially followed by the withdrawal of the Wayleave agreement.


The Conservators have followed a charging model based on Council Tax banding value, to bring the charges in line with current prices. The overall charging level has been approved by Elected Committee Members, and the decision has been made not to accept appeals.

​Contacts for more information

Your point of contact will vary depending on which green space your wayleave is provided by.

Please see the below list of contact details for each open space operating a Wayleave scheme: