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Wildlife and nature

Long grass at Queen's Park


In recent years we have introduced long grass and wild flower areas throughout the park, most noticeably on the ‘bunds’ (raised areas of soil). This has helped create new habitats for all kinds of insects. This in turn has led to a boom in the bird population with old species returning such as house sparrows and increased numbers of green woodpeckers.


The woodland walk area has also helped this process with the planting of hedgerows and wild grasses, while the bat boxes have been very effective. The resources that have been created also enable us to give educational walks with groups and local children, emphasising the need for good management to prevail if these species are to thrive.

We do all we can to maintain and promote the biodiversity of Queen’s Park in order to enhance the quality of life in this part of London.

13 March 2012
Last Modified:
29 September 2017