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The City of London manages Queen’s Park to retain and enhance its heritage, wildlife and recreational interest and to provide visitors and local people with a top quality open space. Decisions must reflect user expectations, predictions of future needs and trends and, of course, budgets. There is a strategic management plan for Queen’s Park that aims to highlight the priorities and main themes on which the City of London and its partners should concentrate in the future.

There are many reasons for having a management plan for a site as important as Queen’s Park, including to:

  • Guide future managers, so ensuring continuity of management
  • Explain to Queen’s Park users how decisions are made affecting the public’s enjoyment of the Park
  • Ensure clear management objectives are laid down
  • Identify future requirements
  • Promote interest in and support of the Park
  • Encourage active community involvement in the management of the park
  • Assist managers to react positively to a changing world
  • Ensure the Park is properly described and that its historical importance is well documented
  • Monitor and assess changes that occur in the Park.

Managing for the environment

Sustainable management is extremely important to us. We recycle as much waste as we can. From grass clippings and wood we make mulch for our shrubberies; everyday waste like cans, bottles and plastics are separated and recycled. Residents bring in their Christmas trees which we mulch and return for use on their own gardens. We are also able to recycle rain water via a new drainage system. All water runs into a holding tank underground and can be pumped to various areas when needed.

14 May 2012
Last Modified:
30 August 2019