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Have your say on the future of the playground

Pirate ship

​Pirate ship photograph courtesy of Russell Play

Thank you to all the respondents who took the time to complete the recent playground survey and for your comments on how much you enjoy the playground. We are pleased to share the feedback from that survey.

The key findings indicate that Option 3 was the most popular, with 78% of the overall vote.

Option 3

This option will look to redesign the playground with a new water play facility and play equipment whilst expanding the playground with grassed areas and new entrances for ease of access. The water play facility will have water tables, hand pumps and landscaping to create a space that can be used all year round. The toilet block will be refurbished and the current small office repurposed to become an outlet for ice cream, coffee and snacks.

Did you know? In 1762 John Fothergill, a Quaker and a botanist, bought Upton House and its grounds. He built up an extensive botanical garden and grew many rare plants obtained from various parts of the world. Taking inspiration from this, an ‘Explorer Ship’ would be at the heart of the new playground.

State of the current playground

There’s been a playground at West Ham Park since 1937.

In 1986, the playground had a complete redesign. In 2010, ten items of equipment were replaced. Now, however, the remaining 15 pieces of equipment are over 20 years old and do not reflect changes to current health and safety standards; which is why we are looking to repair or replace them.

Next steps

We will be working on developing a detailed design of Option 3 over the winter months whilst liaising and planning alongside the London Borough of Newham for approval. We are hoping that we can commence construction in Autumn 2019.

More information

If you’d like more information, you can find all committee reports for the West Ham Park committee on our democracy site.

27 June 2018
Last Modified:
12 November 2018