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The Discovery of Roman London

Discovering Roman London

Free exhibition, 11 September 2017 - 5 January 2018

In the early 19th century Londoners with an interest in history realised that large parts of Londinium could have survived under the modern streets of their City and that it might be possible to actively search for the archaeological evidence. By linking objects, archives and stunning 19th-century illustrations, this exhibition looks at the early pioneers of Roman London archaeology and the discovery of Roman London over three centuries.  

At the same time the City Corporation was becoming increasingly interested in displaying artefacts relating to the history of London. In 1826 the Guildhall Museum was established to provide, ‘A suitable place for the reception of such Antiquities as relate to the City of London and Suburbs’. Guildhall Library's photowall will display images from the Guildhall Museum, a precursor to the modern Museum of London. 

The exhibition contains items from the Guildhall Library’s collections and archaeological artefacts from the Museum of London’s collections. 

This exhibition is inaccessible during afternoon talks.


30 June 2017
Last Modified:
06 October 2017