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Guildhall Library hosts a series of free afternoon talks on London history and related topics as well as monthly evening events from 6-8pm. Evening events are typically followed by a wine reception and a book signing by the author. There is usually a charge for these events, which entitles you to a complimentary glass of wine.

All events held at Guildhall Library are booked via Eventbrite. If you have any questions about booking, or are not able to book online, please contact or 020 7332 1869. 

Refunds for events will only be given if places are cancelled up to 24 hours prior to an event (minus the booking fee) or if an event is cancelled by Guildhall Library.

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  1. Later Roman London 2017/10/12 - Later Roman London and the End of Roman Britain
    6-8pm: In this talk Simon Elliott tells the tale of Roman London from the 'Crisis of the 3rd Century' until its final demise in the early 5th century.
  2. Question Time 2017/10/19 - Question Time: A Quizzical Journey Around Britain
    6-8pm: Author Mark Mason discusses his new book Question Time, in which he tours Britain attending various quizzes - from a pub quiz in Edinburgh via a charity quiz in Hampshire to the House of Commons Press Gallery quiz in London.
  3. Dockyard Apprentice 2017/11/02 - Five Years as Dockyard Apprentice
    2-3pm: Len Taphouse served an apprenticeship as an engineer with Harland & Wolff, at North Woolwich, between 1956 and 1961. He relates the wild goose chases, the hardships endured, as well as the highlights.
  4. Jews in the fire Service WW2 2017/11/23 - Jews in the Fire Service in WW2
    6-8pm: Martin Sugarman and Stephanie Maltman will be discussing the challenges Jewish Firemen faced and telling stories. Join us to learn more.
  5. Black Tudors 2017/11/30 - Black Tudors: The Untold Story
    6-8pm: Historian Miranda Kaufmann tells the intriguing tales of three Africans – a diver employed by Henry VIII to recover guns from the wreck of the Mary Rose, a Moroccan woman baptised in Elizabethan London and a porter who whipped a fellow servant at their master's Gloucestershire manor house.
  6. A Tale of Sensational Victorian Fiction 2017/12/14 - Bloods and Penny Dreadfuls: A Tale of Sensational Victorian Fiction
    6-8pm: This talk by Dr Peter Ross (Principal Librarian) will include a rare opportunity to view some of Guildhall Library’s own dastardly and morally reprehensible collection. The ephemeral nature of the penny dreadful means that many are now exceptionally rare and highly prized.
  7. Regents Canal 2017/12/4 - Delivering the City of London's Inland Port': How the Regent's Canal arrived at the City's Door
    6-8pm: This illustrated presentation by Lester Hillman will dredge the inky waters to bring to the surface colourful personalities and a Regency scandal.
  8. How the Roman Military Built an Empire 2017/12/7 - Empire State: How the Roman Military Built an Empire
    6-8pm: In his new book 'Empire State: How the Roman Military Built an Empire', Simon Elliott considers this for the first time, showing how the military were utilised in a wide variety of civilian roles.
Showing 8 results