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Guildhall Library hosts a series of free afternoon talks from 2-3pm on London history and related topics, as well as evening events from 6-8pm. Evening events are typically followed by a wine reception, and a book signing by the author following a book launch. There is usually a charge for evening events, which entitles you to a complimentary glass of wine.

For a full list of events held at Guildhall Library, visit Eventbrite. If you have any questions about booking, or are not able to book online, please email Guildhall Library Events, or 020 7332 1871.

Refunds for events will only be given if places are cancelled up to 48 hours prior to an event or if an event is cancelled by Guildhall Library.

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  1. English shinres - St Edward the Confessor 2020/01/29 English Medieval Shrines Lost and Found
    2-3pm: Saints’ shrines were once one of the glories of English medieval decorative arts. Many were destroyed in the sixteenth century, but a few survived partially intact, including the stunning shrine of St Edward the Confessor at Westminster. Join our Principal Librarian Dr Peter Ross as he looks at a number of particularly splendid shrines.
  2. Abram Games 2020/02/04 Maximum Meaning, Minimum Means – The Life and Work of Abram Games
    2-3pm: Abram Games (1914-96) was one of the twentieth century’s most innovative and important graphic designers; producing some of Britain’s most enduring images, which are now a fascinating record of social history. Join author Naomi Games to learn more.
  3. Queen Elizabeth 2 2020/02/06 Queen Elizabeth 2: Queen of the Seas
    6-8pm: This illustrated lecture by Dr. Stephen M. Payne, Past President, The Royal Institution of Naval Architects and Designer Cunard Line Queen Mary 2, will chart the history and design of the ship and show why she was dubbed ‘Queen of the Seas’!
  4. The World Falls Apart 2020/02/12 The World Falls Apart
    2-3pm: In 1531 the monastery of the London Charterhouse in Smithfield was one of the pearls of the Catholic life of the City of London. Yet in only six years it was destroyed. Its monks were dispersed, its altars broken and even its orchard was dug up and removed to the Royal gardens. Join John Mitchell to learn more.
  5. Book Lovers 2020/02/14 Book Lovers
    2-3pm: To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Pete Smith trawls through five hundred years of written records to tell the story of London lovers, lucky and unlucky, serious and comic, from Samuel Pepys to Bridget Jones.
  6. Curious Stones 2020/02/18 London’s Most Curious Stones and Bones
    2-3pm: London possesses many unusual or out-of-place stones, as well as several curious bones and burial places, all of which have fascinating tales to tell. Join Robert Stephenson to learn more.
  7. Peggy Guggenheim 2020/02/20 Peggy Guggenheim: The 'Poor Little Rich Girl' Who changed the Face of 20th Century Art
    6-8pm: Not only was Peggy Guggenheim ahead of her time but she was the woman who helped define it. She discovered and nurtured a new generation of artists producing a new kind of art. Join Alexandra Epps to learn more.
  8. Electronic Resources 2020/02/25 Electronic Resources
    2-3pm: This session is aimed at people who would like to learn about our biographical, family history and London digital resources.
  9. The Jamestown Brides 2020/03/12 The Jamestown Brides
    6-8pm: In 1621, fifty-six English women crossed the Atlantic in response to the Virginia Company of London's call for maids 'young and uncorrupted' to make wives for the planters of its new colony in Virginia. What happened to them in the end? Join author Jennifer Porter to learn more.
  10. David Benson 2020/04/07 Cato Street 1820 (Exhibition Event)
    6-8pm: 'Horrid plot to assassinate the government!' Drawing on the British Library’s and other archives – including a long-forgotten radical song (‘Oh, Give Me Death or Liberty!’) as sung from the gallows by one of the plotters - award-winning solo actor David Benson marks the two hundredth anniversary of this little-known event in British history.
Showing 1-10 of 10 results