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Guildhall Library hosts a series of free afternoon talks from 2-3pm on London history and related topics, as well as evening events from 6-8pm. Evening events are typically followed by a wine reception, and a book signing by the author following a book launch. There is usually a charge for evening events, which entitles you to a complimentary glass of wine.

For a full list of events held at Guildhall Library, visit Eventbrite. If you have any questions about booking, or are not able to book online, please email Guildhall Library Events, or 020 7332 1871.

Refunds for events will only be given if places are cancelled up to 48 hours prior to an event or if an event is cancelled by Guildhall Library.

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  1. Sir Horace Jones 2019/05/20 Sir Horace Jones: The City of London’s Iconic Victorian Architect
    6-8pm: We mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of the man best known for designing Tower Bridge (1894). But he has also left an indelible stamp on the City with designs for three of our finest markets, still standing today. Join Colin Davey to learn more.
  2. Coronation of George IV 2019/05/23 The Hidden Meaning of the Coronation
    2-3pm: Every element within this ancient ritual has a sacred and symbolic meaning. Join City Guide Robert Stephenson to learn more.
  3. Interior of Coventry Cathedral 2019/06/06 Coventry Cathedral: Icon and Inspiration
    2-3pm: The extraordinary story of the rebuilding of Coventry Cathedral as a symbol of peace and reconciliation and its inspiring commitment to the modern. Join Alexandra Epps to learn more.
  4. Deptford Green 2019/06/11 London’s Villages: Deptford
    2-3pm: This illustrated talk by Pete Smith follows the story of a Thames-side fishing village that launched a thousand ships.
  5. Coronation Banquets 2019/06/18 Dainty Dishes and Coronation Banquets
    2-3pm: Join Principal Librarian Dr Peter Ross to learn about the menus, some the individual dishes served, and why George IV’s was the last official Coronation banquet to be held.
  6. City by the Book 2019/06/26 City by the Book
    2-3pm: Charlotte Bronte loved it, Alexander Pope hated it. Known mainly as a place for money making and trade, the narrow alleyways of the City also gave birth to writers and poets. Join Jill Finch to learn more.
  7. Lost City Libraries 2019/07/17 The City’s Lost Libraries: A Walk through some Forgotten Book Collections
    6.30-8pm: If you know where to look, the City’s streets and alleyways are crammed with the ghosts of libraries past. This walk by Alice Ford-Smith will carry you back through London’s history, to long-forgotten libraries, readers, librarians and collectors.
  8. Fringes of Kensington 2019/08/07 The Fringes of Kensington 2: Artists and Other Incomers
    2-3pm: Kensington has, in its time, been home to a whole range of incomers. Join Pete Smith to explore the many ways in which they have transformed the district.
Showing 8 results