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Guildhall Library hosts a series of free afternoon talks on London history and related topics as well as monthly evening events from 6-8pm. Evening events are typically followed by a wine reception and a book signing by the author. There is usually a charge for these events, which entitles you to a complimentary glass of wine.

All events held at Guildhall Library are booked via Eventbrite. If you have any questions about booking, or are not able to book online, please contact or 020 7332 1869. 

Refunds for events will only be given if places are cancelled up to 24 hours prior to an event (minus the booking fee) or if an event is cancelled by Guildhall Library.

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  1. Caroline of Ansbach 2018/02/01 The First Iron Lady: A Life of Caroline of Ansbach
    6-8pm: Feisty, canny, cunning, conniving and endlessly intellectually curious, Caroline of Ansbach is one of the most remarkable consorts in British Royal history. Join author Matthew Dennison to learn more.
  2. Electronic Resources 2018/02/05 Electronic Resources
    2-3pm: This session is aimed at people who would like to learn about our biographical, family history and London digital resources. The workshop will look at digitised newspapers,, Find My Past, the Dictionary of National Biography and the City of London’s image database COLLAGE.
  3. History and Treasures 2018/02/27 History and Treasures of Guildhall Library
    2-3.30pm: Join our librarians to learn about the history of Guildhall Library, tour the building (including behind the scenes) and view some of the library’s treasures.
  4. Finding Fred - Blitz Photographer 2018/03/08 Finding Fred: The Story of City of London Police's Blitz Photographer
    2-3pm: The Cross and Tibbs Collection provides a unique photographic record of WWII bomb damage inflicted on the City. This talk by Rebecca Walker looks at the life and times of one of the Collection’s photographers - Frederick Tibbs, a City of London police officer.
  5. As Good as Gold 2018/03/15 As Good as Gold
    6-8pm: The story of Gold – its significance and symbolism – within the history of art. Gold the colour of the sun; of divinity; of status; of love. Creations ancient and contemporary, sacred and profane – all that glitters is certainly gold… Join Alexandra Epps to learn more.
  6. Social History in the Stock Exchange Collection 2018/03/19 Social History in Stock Exchange Collection: A Volunteer's Discoveries
    2-3pm: Linda Taylor shares some of her fascinating finds whilst working with our collection of Stock Exchange Annual Reports and her experience of being a Guildhall Library volunteer.
  7. History of the English State Lotteries 2018/03/22 History of the English State Lotteries 1694-1826
    2-3pm: The accession of William III to the throne involved Britain in European wars on a scale hitherto unknown, forcing the country to experiment with new ways of raising money. At the same time the Government started lotteries... Join Judith Grant to learn more.
  8. Under the Microscope 2018/03/22 Under the Microscope: Exhibition Launch Event
    6-8pm: Join Mary Pritchard for an exclusive view of her new exhibition, with artwork inspired by her mother Olive’s 1930s brass microscope and scientific research at Trinity College Dublin.
  9. Septimius Severus in Scotland: The Northern Campaigns of the first Hammer of the Scots 2018/04/12 Septimius Severus in Scotland: The Northern Campaigns of the First Hammer of the Scots
    6-8pm: Septimius Severus was one of the great warrior Emperors. He hacked his way to power in AD 193 and fought off all challengers before embarking on successful wars of conquest in the east and Africa. Simon Elliott tells this story for the first time of one of Britain's largest military campaigns.
  10. To Kill a King - Charles I 2018/04/26 To Kill a King
    6-8pm: An anointed king had been executed as a traitor. From imprisonment and trial to execution and legacy, join historian Rebecca Rideal as she unravels one of the most important events in British history – the regicide of Charles I.
Showing 1-10 of 10 results