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Sir Thomas Gresham (1519-1579): Tudor, Trader, Shipper, Spy

Sir Thomas Gresham Exhibition

​Sir Thomas Gresham (1519-1579): Tudor, Trader, Shipper, Spy

  • 3 June – 22 November 2019 (extended)
  • Monday to Friday and selected Saturdays 9.30am-5pm (Wednesday until 7.30pm)
  • Guildhall Library, Aldermanbury EC2V 7HH
  • Free

​Sir Thomas Gresham is one of the most over-looked sixteenth-century merchants and financiers. Gresham served four Tudor monarchs, managed to keep his head, and all the while made money.  When he died, he was widely reputed to be the wealthiest man in Europe.  He brought the idea of a ‘bourse’ to England from Antwerp, the Royal Exchange, as well as the ‘shopping mall’.  He engaged in fractional reserve gold-smithing, and his understanding of money is encapsulated in Gresham’s Law, “Good money drives out bad”.  His Will of 1575 established his most enduring legacy, Gresham College.
This exhibition will celebrate the quincentenary of his birth, and coincides with the release of a major new biography by Tudor historian Dr John Guy.

09 January 2019
Last Modified:
18 September 2019