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Date updated: 10/11/2020

Guildhall Library has an extensive collection of trade and telephone directories for the whole of the British Isles from the years 1667 - 1990.

Examples of trade and telephone directories include:

  • The little London Directory: the oldest printed list of the merchants and bankers of London
  • Kent’s Directory
  • A complete guide to all persons who have any trade or concern with the City of London and parts adjacent
  • The Universal Pocket Book and the Universal Pocket Companion
  • The London Directory
  • Bailey’s British Directory
  • Lowndes’s London Directory
  • The Universal British Directory
  • Fashionable Court Guide, or Town Visiting Directory
  • The Post Office Annual Directory​
  • Royal Blue Book

Contact Guildhall Library Team if you would like the complete list sent to you or call 020 7332 1868