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City Corporation to launch new Covid-19 Recovery Grant Scheme for Square Mile SMEs

Date updated: 11/08/2021
Please note that while Covid-19 and Social Distancing measures are in place, some additional restrictions are in place, and not all of our normal services are available

Visitor Regulations

Like all major archives and libraries, we have rules to ensure the security and protection of the items contained at London Metropolitan Archives (LMA).

Please read them thoroughly as they will be enforced by our staff.

Persistent failure to comply with these conditions will result in the withdrawal of your History Card and exclusion from LMA premises for a given period.

Original archive material is made available during our opening hours subject to agreement with depositors, to statutory and other closure periods, and with the approval of the Director of LMA.

In order to consult this material you will need a History Card.

The research areas at LMA, as described below, are comprised of the information area and the archive study area.

We aim to provide an efficient business-like environment where all visitors can undertake research in a calm orderly way.

  1. All visitors are required to enter their name, postcode or History Card number, and signature in the visitors' book. Please remember by signing the book you have agreed to read and observe these regulations.
  2. For security reasons bags and papers may be opened and examined during your visit. An initial inspection may be made at the ground floor reception. If bags or their contents are considered to be unacceptable, LMA reserves the right to refuse admission. A final inspection may be made when you leave the premises.
  3. We continue to be careful of our visitors’ and staff safety so masks* and social distancing remain mandatory at all points within the LMA building.
    (* unless you have an exemption from wearing masks)
  4. You may not bring into the Information Area or Archive Study Area any item that will damage material or equipment held by LMA. These include, but are not limited to: food and drink, including bottled water, sweets and chewing gum, pens, correction fluid, glue, scissors, knives, highlighter pens and adhesive tape.
  5. All briefcases, bags (including laptop bags), handbags, document wallets, suitcases and coats must be left in the Visitor Lounge on the Mezzanine Floor where free lockers and coat racks are provided.
  6. Take as little as possible into the research areas. You may bring one single clear plastic bag with you to hold your personal valuables, notes, pencils or laptop.
  7. Pens are not allowed. Only pencils may be used. Laptops / tablets may be used but laptop bags must be left in the lockers.
  8. Please ensure that any sound from computers / tablets / cameras is turned off. Headphones can only be used if the sound issuing from them is not audible.
  9. Personal audio devices, including Dictaphones, and portable scanners or copiers are not permitted in the Information Area or Archive Study Area.
  10. You must not make or receive calls on your mobile phone in the Information Area or Archive Study Area or Exhibition Area. Please use the Mezzanine Floor Visitor Lounge or Ground Floor Reception Area.
  11. Copies of material may be provided in accordance with LMA Copying Guidelines. Copies are made available within limits determined by conservation needs, the conditions of deposit and the requirements of copyright legislation. Copies of the guidelines are available on request.
  12. You may not film in LMA without permission.
  13. You may not take photographs of archive documents unless you have paid a photography permit fee and signed a copyright declaration. Some collections are subject to further restrictions. Please consult staff for further details.
  14. You may not take photographs of staff or members of the public.
  15. You should not behave in a way that threatens or harasses members of staff or other visitors. Anyone who is causing unnecessary distraction or disturbance to visitors or staff will be asked to leave the premises
  16. All public areas are monitored by recorded closed circuit television (CCTV).
  17. You must follow all emergency procedures, including the evacuation of the premises in the event of a fire or fire drill. You must not stop to collect belongings from the Visitor Lounge.
  18. Smoking is not permitted in any area of LMA.
  19. Animals, except for assistance dogs, are not permitted in any area of LMA.
  20. We will notify visitors of any lost property which we can identify as belonging to them. Unidentified lost property will be retained for three months from the date it is left at the Archives. It will then be disposed of.
  21. You must abide by the advertised public opening hours and leave the building promptly by 4.45pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and by 7.30pm on Wednesday.

This area is for visitors to look at sources online and on microfilm. It is also the place where catalogues can be consulted. There is a library collection which visitors may use for reference purposes.

  1. You are asked to show consideration for other visitors and may be requested by staff to limit the time you spend on computers or microfilm readers.
  2. Talking in all areas should be done as quietly as possible. Please do not behave in a way likely to disturb others.
  3. You are welcome to access the internet on the public terminals in the Information Area; you must abide by the terms and conditions governing their use, which are set out in our Internet Acceptable Use Policy
  4. City of London Corporation audit rules do not permit us to open the till in order to give change. A change machine is available in the Information Area.

This is a quiet area with restricted access. 

  1. If you wish to use original documents you will require a History Card, which we will issue on request to persons aged over 14 with appropriate proofs of identity.
  2. If you wish to take copies of other documents or privately owned documents into the Archive Study Area please notify staff on duty at the Collection Point. Usage of such items is at our discretion.
  3. You will need to present your History Card to the staff at the Collection Point when collecting your first requested document. Subsequent checks may be made during your visit.
  4. The Archive Study Area is a quiet study area. Please maintain a reasonable silence while working there.
  5. All material is issued at the discretion of staff, usually one item at a time. Issue of documents is strictly controlled in the interests of security and conservation. Material issued in the Archive Study Area may not be removed from that room.
  6. You are required to handle material with care in accordance with LMA Handling Guidelines. Copies of the Guidelines are available in the Archive Study Area.
  7. Sometimes items produced to users in the Archive Study Area are found to be unfit subsequently and are withdrawn from access. Users are welcome to request to view such documents using the Unfit for Access programme, but will not be able to view them otherwise, until such time as they are made fit, even if they have consulted them previously.
  8. Items that have been issued to a particular visitor must not be handed to another visitor without the knowledge and consent of the duty staff. You may not handle items that have been issued to another visitor or take such items from another visitor's desk without permission from the duty staff.
  9. Damage to, theft, or attempted theft of material held by LMA is a criminal offence and will result in prosecution.
  10. Staff are empowered to ask visitors to give back an item that they are using.
  11. Before leaving the Archive Study Area please return all material issued to you to a member of staff at the Collection Point. You are responsible for all items issued to you until they have been returned to the Collection Point.
  12. Members of staff are unable to give legal advice, copyright advice or valuation advice.

Take as little as possible with you into the Information Area and Archive Study Area.

  • A clear plastic bag to carry items
  • History Card
  • Notebook
  • Paper for making notes
  • Pencils
  • Laptop/tablet – ensure the sound is turned off
  • Charger
  • Camera – remember to pay the permit fee and disable the sound and flash
  • Mobile phones – ensure your phone is on silent

Please leave these in the Visitor Lounge on the Mezzanine Floor.

  • Coats
  • Umbrellas
  • Handbags
  • Large purses/make-up bags
  • Brief cases
  • Suitcases
  • Laptop bags
  • Camera cases
  • Pencil cases
  • Camera tripods
  • Food, including sweets, cough lozenges and gum
  • Drinks, including bottled water
  • Pens
  • Highlighters
  • Scissors, razors, other sharp objects
  • Personal scanners, copiers, audio devices (including dictaphones)
  • Any other item that in the opinion of staff may damage material or equipment held by LMA