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  • ​Title: John Keats: ‘Bright Star’
  • Author: Shakespeare, William (1564 - 1616); Keats, John (1795 – 1821)
  • Date: 1806
  • Format: Book; 15 x 24 cms
  • Notes: A copy of ‘The Poetical Works of William Shakespeare’, which belonged to John Hamilton Reynolds, a friend of Keats, who gave it to him in 1819. It contains the final version of Keats’s ‘Bright Star’ sonnet, probably copied in late September 1820 while he was aboard the ‘Maria Crowther’. Keats probably gave the book to Joseph Severn in January 1821. It also contains a sonnet by Reynolds and one by Severn.
  • Call No: K/BK/01/010


22 May 2012
Last Modified:
09 September 2019