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Whether you're tracing your family history or researching the history of your neighbourhood, if you're interested in London or Londoners, London Metropolitan Archives (LMA) is the place to visit...

The documents and books we care for and provide access to date from 1067 to the present day and our collections are constantly expanding.

At the moment, there are enough documents to fill around 105km worth of shelving!


LMA catalogue Search archive

Contact the team if you have any comments or feedback, or things you'd like added to the catalogue in the future.

Images and film

Many of our finest photographs, prints, maps and films are also available online through Collage - the London Picture Archive.

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Family history

Our family history information provides a link to our collections on the Ancestry website – 11.5 million images of documents including parish registers and City of London Freedom records.

In person - visiting LMA

Over two million descriptions of the archives which we store in the strong rooms which you can use to identify the documents which you want to see when you visit us.

To be able to use documents at LMA, you will need to register for a History Card. Once you have a History Card, you can also reserve documents in advance.

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09 February 2015
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14 June 2019