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The conservation team at London Metropolitan Archives (LMA) can offer a wide range of bespoke boxes and packaging for protecting your collection items.

Thanks to our computer-based Kasemake machine we can provide different designs to choose from to fit the requirements of the item, its use and the environment in which it is stored.

We use a variety of boards manufactured by CXD, John Purcell and Klug. The boards are conservation grade and come in different thicknesses and qualities to accommodate all types of collections.

For enquiries, orders and quotes for specific box designs please email LMA Equiries.

Category Dimensions and style Price
(excluding VAT​)
Up to 210mm height/width Clamshell style £7.56
Small Up to 210mm height/width Wrap lock style £8.58
Medium Between 211 and 275 height /width clamshell style £8.22
Medium Between 211 and 275 height /width Wrap lock style £9.42
Large ​Between 276 and 355 height/width Clamshell style ​£8.58
Large Between 276 and 355 height/width Wrap lock style £12.48
Extra large Between 356 and 550 height/width Clamshell style £11.76
​Extra large ​Between 356 and 550 height/width Wrap lock style ​£16.20
​Extra large plus Over 550 height/width ​£20.64
​Folder ​360 x 245 x 30mm ​£6.18
​B15 ​370 x 270 x 150mm ​£6.24
​B15H ​370 x 270 x 75mm ​£6.24
​Ring Binder ​£10.62
12 July 2019
Last Modified:
30 August 2019