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We are home to an extraordinary range of documents, images, maps, films and books about London.

London Metropolitan Archives (LMA) is free to use and open to everyone.

Whether you’re tracing your family history or researching the history of your neighbourhood, if you’re interested in London or Londoners, LMA is the place to visit.

​London Metropolitan Archives mission statement

LMA is owned, funded and managed by the City of London Corporation on behalf of London and the nation. It is London’s archive service, collecting, preserving, celebrating and sharing the stories of London and Londoners and its many communities through collaboration, innovation and learning. It is responsible for 100 kilometres of the capital’s documentary heritage dating from 1067 to the present day, from parchment rolls to digital files.

Our vision

Our vision is to ensure as many people as possible now and in the future have access to the archives in our care on site and digitally, safeguarding knowledge, improving understanding, inspiring participation, and supporting good public governance. We aim to provide a world class service aspiring to the highest standards that is open and engaging, innovative, inclusive, secure and sustainable. As one of the leading archive services in the UK we also have a responsibility to provide leadership within the London, national and international archive sectors.

03 March 2015
Last Modified:
05 September 2019

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