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London Metropolitan Archives (LMA) is committed to supporting environmental sustainability, landfill reduction and reducing not only the amount of Carbon waste emitted by the office, but to save costs, in line with the City of London’s Carbon Descent Plan 2009.

We will reduce, re-use and recycle the waste we generate. All on-site individuals are encouraged to adhere to and act on the objectives of this policy.

While LMA seeks to minimise its carbon output, the waste it produces and maximise recycling, the aims must be compatible with LMA’s key business requirements, for example, the need to control temperature and humidity environmental controls which are monitored by external bodies and are subject to current and future legislative standards.

LMA is committed to following requirements of BS 4971:2017 Conservation and care of archive and library collections which provides standards for repositories to be met in the context of wider environmental climate concerns.

While this policy relates specifically to the LMA site at 40 Northampton Road EC1R 0HB the policy is applicable also in the strongroom areas under LMA supervision at Guildhall, Guildhall Yard East and Guildhall Library in London EC2.


​The commitments are directly applicable to the City of London’s Sustainability Policy. Details on the City of London’s commitments can be found here.

LMA will report progress to the City’s Energy Team and the Energy Co-ordinators meetings.

Carbon and resource management

LMA is committed to responsible carbon and resource management by:

  • Reducing energy costs
  • Increasing energy efficiency in the buildings which its operates
  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Reducing fossil fuel consumption
  • Increasing use of renewable energy
  • Investing in clean energy efficient technologies
  • Reducing environmental impact arising from energy consumption
  • Giving full consideration to the City’s Energy Code of Practice on all works affecting the design/maintenance of its buildings

Waste management

Specifically, LMA is committed to responsible waste management and reducing waste by

  • Seeking to maximise the reduction, re-use and recycling of waste material (including the provision of on-site recycling facilities)
  • Using waste transfer routes in-line with current legislation
  • Continuing to raise awareness of environmental issues amongst staff and users and encouraging the use of best environmental practice wherever possible


LMA is committed to investigating environmentally acceptable alternatives in the selection of required materials which are made from sustainable resources and which are locally procured. For example: furniture and fittings, building work, conservation and preservation materials, vehicles, Image and Media equipment and processing, computer equipment, paper, cartridges, energy, water.


LMA is committed to reducing the impact of its own, its staff and appointed agents use of transport on the environment. Careful consideration by staff of the impact of the transporting of goods and services should be taken at all times. For example vans should be used effectively and efficiently in transporting records and goods by combining trips and staff should be encouraged to use public transport and where possible cycle and walk to work. LMA runs an electric-powered van for regular van trips. 

Monitoring performance

​Performance of all sites is included in the annual End Year Energy Target Review which shows yearly performance by department.

The Department’s Energy Action Plan lists:

  • Those responsible for energy use on each site
  • The location of all site meters and how they’re read and recorded via Systemlink. (Gas and Electricity is provided by Laser who are an energy renewable company)
  • The protocols for ensuring energy management is in place
  • The reporting mechanism to report practical energy saving measures to City’s Energy Team.

LMA’s 2018 Energy Performance Operational Rating is B (46) on our Display Energy Certificate, believed to be the most efficient rating of any archive building in the UK.


Recycling at LMA is certificated annually since the scheme began in 2003 and is listed below:

Table 1: Annual recycling figures at LMA (Source: Paper Round Limited (recycling contractor))


Year Material recycled​ Total CO2 emission saving in kg
2003 ​ 90 kg​ 126 kg
2004 7741 kg​​ 10822 kg
2005​ 5752 kg 8000 kg
2006​ 5736 kg 8052 kg
2007 5527 kg 7756 kg
2008 7207 kg 10150 kg​
2009 7741 kg 10804 kg
2010 ​ 6903 kg​ 9674 kg
2011 21807 kg​​ 30374 kg
2012​ 6458 kg 8846  kg
2013 23562  kg 32994 kg
2014 32570 kg 45530 kg
2015 42460 kg 59360 kg​
2016 (estimated figures) 40000 kg 55000 kg
2017 40060 kg 56050 kg
2018 (according to certificate) 40060 kg 56050 kg​


Wider policies

We are committed to implementing and supporting the Corporate Environmental policy and initiatives in particular objectives from the Sustainability policy section ‘Respect the limit of the planet’s environment, resources and biodiversity  :

  • ‘Raising awareness of environmental issues, and encourage the use of best practice in all areas of operation and partnership working’

Working towards a low carbon future to achieve significant reductions in energy use and greenhouse gases emission from the City's buildings and activities. Reducing, reusing and recycling waste. Working towards a sustainable and integrated transport system in the Square Mile, which reduces the negative impacts of transport use on the environment. Strategic action plan

LMA will promote carbon management through its operations by the following actions.

  • Carbon Management
  • Establish a carbon base load
  • Adopt agreed carbon performance improvement targets
  • Increase awareness of carbon management amongst employees and users
  • Review performance regularly

The LMA will promote sound waste management by

  • Setting targets/standards/guidance
  • Increase awareness of reducing, reusing and recycling waste amongst employees and users
  • Review performance regularly

The staff responsible for implementing these actions are:

  • The Green Group, a body of individuals (first formed in 2003) who represent LMA along with a Lead Green Contact 
  • All staff on site at LMA who receive advice on induction 

Management policy

​Responsibility for energy management and other initiatives including:

  • Reducing, reusing and recycling waste including that generated through stationery and equipment supplies, lights, water and heating, procurement and related cost reductions.
  • All staff, volunteers, contractors, interns, users are assigned responsibility for controlling energy consumption across LMA.
  • Staff and volunteer responsibilities and actions are outlined in the guidance notes. New staff and volunteers are to be inducted in good practice upon beginning work at LMA. New staff will receive full training from the Lead Green Contact and updates to training will be scheduled for existing staff.
  • The Green Group will act as a forum for suggestions, discussion, implementing changes and will be responsible for delivering advice and guidance on how consumption and expenditure should be managed. The group will seek advice where necessary from the City Sustainability unit.

Motivation, Support, Marketing

  • Procedure and updates will be regularly communicated through staff newsletter / public newsletter / website / displays in public rooms / staff induction and training.


  • The Green Group will analyse energy performance and advice on activities to reduce consumption. The Group will audit performance on an annual basis.
  • The Group will also report this annual progress to the Sustainability Unit.


​Please complete a comment form or email us at LMA Enquiries if you wish to give feedback on this policy.

This policy will be reviewed at least every two years to make sure it remains timely and relevant.