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Erica and Jessica Huntley

​Eric and Jessica Huntley, 2009

The Huntley archives were the first major deposit of records from the African-Caribbean community in London presented to London Metropolitan Archives (LMA).

The papers consist of the business records of Bogle-L'Ouverture Publications Limited and documents concerning personal, campaigning and education initiatives of Eric and Jessica Huntley, dating from 1952-2011 (References: LMA/4462 and LMA/4463).

To find out more, see our information leaflet: Black Caribbean Community Archives at LMA (73KB).

The archive itself is available for consultation without prior appointment and can be found on the LMA Collections catalogue using the LMA/4462 or LMA/4463 references.

Eric and Jessica Huntley​

Guyanese born, Jessica and Eric Huntley were highly politically active people, as business partners and also in their own right as individuals.

They have been heavily involved in political activism, advocacy and campaign work on an international level.

Bogle-L'Ouverture Publications was founded by a committee which included the Huntleys in 1968.

The company was named in honour of Toussaint L'Ouverture of Haiti and Paul Bogle, both figure heads of Black rebellion against the slave trade in Caribbean history.

Friends of Huntley Archives at London Metropolitan Archives (FHALMA)

We are looking for new members and volunteers who would be interested in helping with events, sharing their skills in publicity and promotion, or assisting cataloguing of collections at LMA. For further details please contact LMA.

Project start and commitment

A volunteer project to catalogue and make accessible two sections of the Huntley Collections – unique original photographs which are part of the Huntley Archives, and printed books as part of the Huntley Library deposited at LMA. The project began in April 2014 at LMA.

We are looking for interested individuals with basic computer skills who can give a commitment of equivalent of four to seven hours a week or who can commit to a block period which can be negotiated. Related experience is desirable but not essential.

Volunteer spaces are subject to availability.

For further information about volunteering opportunities at LMA please see our volunteering page.


The photographs date from 1940s-2000s. Images cover Eric and Jessica Huntley's time in British Guiana (now Guyana) before Eric and Jessica emigrated to the UK in the late 1950s, to political campaign pickets outside embassies, educational initiatives, publishing events at the Walter Rodney Bookshop, the International Book Fair of Radical and Third World Books, images of the Huntleys, their authors/friends and family.

You will have the opportunity to sleeve the photographs in archival packaging, number them and compile descriptions for the Huntley Archives catalogues (References: LMA/4462 and LMA/4463). This will give valuable experience and help make these unique items more accessible alongside the main archives.


The Huntley Library consists of published pamphlets, newsletters, and books on Black African Caribbean history, campaigns, politics, race relations, folklore, education, other ethnic minority groups and much more. These items were collected by Eric and Jessica Huntley in running of their business and their bookshop and for reference. These offer important information which gives context to the Huntley Archives.

You will have the opportunity to sort and box this rich resource. A future stage in the project will involve compiling descriptions to assist the cataloguing of the Library so that it can for the first time be made fully available to the public.

23 April 2012
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16 September 2019