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Singer at the Huntley conference

The London Metropolitan Archives (LMA) - Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) is a group of young volunteers aged 14 - 25 that helps LMA plan and deliver conferences, events, learning sessions and creative projects such as digital media, film-making and creative writing. The project consolidates LMA's youth activities into a coherent and strategic offer which better serves young people. It enables LMA to offer a stream of activity to young people interested in history and heritage to engage with LMA on a regular and dynamic basis.

At monthly meetings, members look at original documents from the archives, do research to help the development team, plan their own participation in events, have training and most importantly of all, consult on how and where to make the LMA more friendly and welcoming for young people.

Examples of activities that members of LMA-YAP have engaged include:

  • Document handling training with manuscripts from the 17th century relating to major events in London's history (The Great Plague, The Great Fire of London)
  • Consultation on LMA exhibitions like London Gothic
  • Development of a school workshop on 20th century British Black History based on political posters from the Huntley Collection
  • Watching and grouping films under a specific theme for forthcoming Film Club events
  • Archival research for personal accounts, diaries and letters of LGBTQ people during the First World War and Second World War
  • Archival research based on GLC documents on environmental campaigns and policies and discussion on the impact of them
  • Archival research on fashion trends from the 60s and 70s and discussion on fashion nowadays
    Promotion of YAP activities on social media
  • Mentoring new members
  • Ongoing consultation for forthcoming meetings

YAP gives young people the opportunity to represent the views of young people in the community, develop transferable skills and learn about the internal workings of an organisation. All members work towards a vInspired V50 Award by taking part in our activities. YAP developed by young people for young people, guided and supported by members of LMA's Development Team. YAP is driving LMA forward, inspire us with new ideas and hold us to account on behalf of all the young people we work with.

For more information please email the Development Team or call 020 7332 3851.

30 March 2012
Last Modified:
16 September 2019