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London Metropolitan Archives (LMA) hold a vast and diverse collection of archives, records, images, films and maps which can help researchers in all aspects of London's history to develop their knowledge. View just some of the many collections highlights here.

Some of the most important records we hold are from the Church of England parishes spread across the London area. From the records, genealogists can trace records of baptisms, marriages and burials as far back as records begin in many cases. These records can also tell us more about localities and parish administration as well as individuals, and we hold many more records of religion as well.

There is much more depth to the collections at LMA. We hold records of 1000 years of London Government. We have detailed records of buildings, engineering projects and architecture, and highways and transportation including road, rail and waterborne transport is also covered.

LMA is home to records for a large number of organisations concerned with people's individual health and wellbeing, and you can find out more about the care of the sick, dispossessed and destitute.

Educational records, include details of wartime evacuation, school attendance records and records about the organisation and structure of the educational system in London. Records from a wide variety of sources help us to track the social activities of London and Londoners. Similarly, the movement and migration of individuals and communities into and around London is covered in a multitude of sources.

The records of ancient manors and estates are a rich source of information for social, economic, local and family history. Through documents such as court rolls, field surveys and lists of tenants, a researcher can reveal the complexity of a community; identifying officials, witnessing minor crimes, tracing land use and learning who held economic power. They can also track urban development, to reveal how quiet medieval hamlets miles away from the small town of London became suburbs of the vast city. Court and other legal records help trace the development of justice systems in London and beyond, as well as enabling researchers to discover the fates of individuals from all walks of society.

The vast array of business records we hold cover all manner of organisations from giant breweries to the smallest traders.

The LMA Library boasts over 10,000 books specializing on all aspects of London history, and includes many guides and useful information for carrying out your research into whatever aspect of London's amazing history you are interested in. 

      LMA collections are designated as being of national and international importance

      LMA's collections are designated as being of national and international importance.