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Which records of Hammersmith and Fulham are now at LMA and why?

Langford Road School, maypole dance, 1908

​Langford Road School, maypole dance, 1908


Hammersmith and Fulham Archives, based for many years in the Lilla Huset building on Talgarth Road, is now offering public access from the newly refurbished Hammersmith Library.

In preparation for this move, a review of the archival holdings was carried out to help the service make some important decisions such as identifying holdings that would be more appropriately held in other collections like London Metropolitan Archives (LMA).

Following a public consultation, it was agreed to implement the recommendations of the review which included the move of certain classes of records to LMA. These include Public Records as Hammersmith and Fulham Local Studies and Archives is no longer designated by The National Archives (TNA) as a Place of Deposit for Public Records, together with Manorial records, as TNA who are responsible for manorial records, no longer approve Hammersmith and Fulham as a place of deposit for these also. The archives retained at Hammersmith and Fulham remain subject to TNA supervision to ensure that provision for the custody of the archive collections and for access to the collections meet statutory and TNA standards.

Nicola Avery describes the records transferred to LMA and explains how they fit into the LMA collections.

The records

Approximately 10 per cent of Hammersmith and Fulham’s local archives were transferred to LMA in January and February 2015.  Certain classes of records were transferred, which fitted with LMA’s collecting remit, or which reunited collections previously split between the two repositories.

The main classes of records transferred were:

  • Public Records
  • Manorial Records
  • Pre-1965 London-wide local government records 
  • Parish records of St Paul Hammersmith
  • Other collections which fit LMA’s collecting remit or which reunite split collections

Altogether, LMA has taken the records of 24 separate organisations, within 53 individual deposits. 

The majority of the records are already catalogued and details are being transferred to LMA’s online catalogue. Each catalogue retains the reference numbers which were in use when the collections were at Hammersmith and Fulham, with one exception as explained below.

This rest of this article describes in more detail the main collections received at LMA. If you have any queries, please contact

Public Records

  • Fulham Infirmary (later Fulham Hospital), Fulham Palace Road.  This was originally the workhouse infirmary.  It became a military hospital during the First World War, was renamed Fulham Hospital in 1925 and became part of Charing Cross Group in 1957. It closed in 1973. LMA has taken one baptism register 1932-1968 (reference DD/1028/002) and a set of visitors’ reports 1912-1919 (reference DD/0111/001).
  • Fulham Maternity Hospital, Parsons Green.  The hospital opened in 1937 and closed in 1970. LMA has taken registers of births and deliveries in two sets: 1937-1965 (reference DD/0806/07) and 1965-1968 (reference DD/0931/014).
  • West London Hospital, Hammersmith Road, which opened as Fulham and Hammersmith General Dispensary in 1856, renamed the West London Hospital in 1863. Emergency services moved to Charing Cross Hospital 1970 and the whole was closed and moved to Chelsea and Westminster in 1993.  LMA has taken patients’ registers and case books (reference DD/0806); administrative and staff records, photographs and histories (reference DD/0815); registers of operations 1915-1958 (reference DD/0931/001-013); baptism register 1916-1982 (DD/1028/001).
  • Western Hospital, Seagrave Road, which opened in 1877 as the Fulham Smallpox Hospital, and by 1900 was an infectious diseases hospital.  It was renamed the Western Hospital in 1883 and during the 1950s was world-renowned for the treatment of polio.  The hospital closed in 1979.  LMA has taken minutes, staff records and case notes (reference DD/1030) and patients’ registers 1967-1979 (DD/0931/015-026).
  • Charing Cross Hospital, which moved from central London to Hammersmith in 1973.  LMA has taken bed statistics 1960-1970 (reference DD/0931/027-028).

Manorial Records

​These are all for the Manor of Fulham and are additional to records already held by LMA within the archives of All Saints Fulham (reference P77/ALL) and Fuller Smith and Turner (reference ACC/0891). Four deposits have been received from Hammersmith and Fulham, including manorial court minutes 1810-1930 (reference DD/0015), deeds and leases 1484-1861 (DD/0106) and manor administration and correspondence (DD/0014 and DD/0032)

Pre-1965 London-wide local government

​The following two collections are as yet uncatalogued so will not be available until the cataloguing is complete:

London County Council’s Public Health Department divisional files for Hammersmith and Fulham, 1948-1965. 

Conference of Local Authorities Owning Electricity Undertakings in Greater London.  This collection ties in very closely with the London Electricity Board archive already held at LMA (reference LMA/4278). The LEB took over provision of electricity in Greater London in 1948 from the bodies represented in this conference.

Parish Records of St Paul Hammersmith

​Only the ecclesiastical functions of the parish have been transferred to LMA. The civil parish records, ie the local government functions of the parish vestries, have remained at Hammersmith and Fulham. LMA has taken all the parish registers from 1664 to 1972 (references DD/0071 and DD/0746) as well as records relating to church services, staff, finance, charities, benefices, the Parochial Church Council and parish boundaries (reference DD/0818).

Microfilm copies of many of the parish registers are still available at Hammersmith and Fulham Local Studies and Archives. 

Other collections

​Non-Conformist Christian organisations

The following collections have been taken in by LMA:

Methodist circuits. The collections include records of the circuit itself and also records of churches and chapels within each circuit.  These do not generally include church registers:

  • Hammersmith Circuit 1811-1974 (reference DD/0370).
  • Wandsworth Fulham and Hammersmith Circuit 1893-1992 (reference DD/0910) . 
  • Walham Green and Fulham Circuit 1893-1972 (references DD/0344 and DD/0368). 
  • Munster Park Methodist Church, founded in 1880 as a Wesleyan Church and eventually closed in 1995. In 1966 the congregation became involved in an ecumenical project known as the Anglican-Methodist Experiment, in partnership with Saint Barnabas Anglican Church in Kensington. This project failed in 1985. Records taken in by LMA include material relating to the project as well as the church itself and span the whole of the church’s existence from 1880 to 1995 (reference DD/0976).

Congregational chapels:

  • Fulham Palace Road Congregational Chapel. The congregation was founded in 1902 and became a United Reformed Church in 1972.  It amalgamated with Wandsworth Bridge URC in 1984 to form the Fulham United Reformed Church.  Records include a baptism register 1906-1924 (reference DD/0693).
  • Broadway Congregational Chapel, which was founded in 1662 and met in local inns, until its chapel was built in 1724.  LMA has taken in Friendly Society minutes 1905-1938 and some annual reports 1910-1959 (reference DD/0045).
  • Oaklands Congregational Chapel (formed 1858) and Askew Road Methodist Church (formed 1866). The two churches amalgamated in 1972 to form Askew Road United Church. LMA has taken in records for both churches dating from 1885 to 1992 (references DD/0713, DD/0969 and DD/0817).

Baptist church:

  • Fulham Baptist Church, based in Dawes Road, Fulham. LMA has taken in church and executive minutes 1889-1985 (references DD/0499 and DD/0953). However, these minutes are only accessible to members of the church and not to the general public. All enquiries about these minutes should be addressed directly to the church.


Langford Road School, a London County Council school opened in 1890: LMA already holds admission and discharge registers 1886-1939 and log books 1886-1950 under reference LCC/EO/DIV01/LFD. We have now taken in continuations of those series from Hammersmith and Fulham - admission and discharge registers 1941-1973 and log books 1950-1967 as well as attendance registers 1944-1949 (reference DD/1013).

Peterborough Primary School, a School Board for London school opened in 1901: LMA already holds admission and discharge registers 1928-1945 and log books 1930-1946 under reference LCC/EO/DIV01/PET. We have now taken in more admission registers, up to 1963, as well as administrative, staff and other pupils’ records (reference DD/1098).

Jewish records

Hammersmith and West Kensington Synagogue, Brook Green, was founded in 1890 and is a constituent synagogue of the United Synagogue. LMA has taken in records relating to finance, membership, education, administration and services at the synagogue 1890-2001 (reference DD/1097).

Local authority organisations

Fulham Board of Guardians. This is the only collection which has been renumbered since it arrived at LMA. LMA already holds the main archive for the board under reference FBG. Hammersmith and Fulham’s collection consists of vaccination registers 1868-1948, including registers of children not vaccinated, and vaccination officers’ reports and returns 1873-1937. The Hammersmith reference for this collection was also FBG, so to avoid confusion the material transferred from Hammersmith and Fulham this year has been renumbered as FHBG.

Fulham and Hammersmith Bridge Companies

Records of Fulham Bridge Company are already held at LMA under reference BC/F.  We have now taken in additional financial and legal records 1729-1813 (references DD/0119, DD/0124 and DD/0127). The company administered the bridge from its construction in 1729 until it was acquired by the Metropolitan Board of Works in 1880.

Hammersmith Bridge Company was set up in 1824 and the bridge itself was completed in 1827. The company administered the bridge until the Metropolitan Board of Works acquired it in 1880. Records received from Hammersmith and Fulham include administration, accounts including toll records and legal documents including many property deeds (references DD/0008, DD/0301 and DD/0478).