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​London Metropolitan Archives (LMA) is accessible to all visitors.

If you haven't been here before, or you think you might need help, contact us before you visit.

Find out more about the facilities we have on site.

Public rooms

Chairs and desks are provided in all our public areas. We are happy for users of powered wheelchairs etc. to use the public rooms, although of course we have to work within the physical limits of the building. Staff will move furniture to improve access wherever possible. The public rooms are on a level surface.

Microfilm readers

We have both manual and powered microfilm readers. Although we do not have a booking system, if you feel you need to reserve a powered reader for physical reasons, please contact us in advance of your visit.

Staff will be happy to help load films and demonstrate how the machines work. There are several microfilm readers with large size screens. These screens are at a more suitable height and position for wheelchair users.

They are all powered machines.

All of the machines - manual and powered - have a zoom lens so that the image can be magnified.

All of the powered readers can be adapted for foot pedal operation. The powered readers can also be fitted with a remote control, if you find it difficult to use the controls on the machine itself.

Personal computers and tape recorders

If you need to use a computer or mains-powered tape recorder for your research for physical reasons, please contact us to reserve a space near a power socket.

Diabetes, CAPD treatments and other conditions

If you are a diabetic, or a kidney patient who uses Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD), please feel free to use the accessible toilet to maintain your treatment if necessary. There is adequate space and of course privacy. Please ask the staff if you require anything further.

Users with sensory impairments

Guide dogs are welcome at LMA (although not other animals). If you are accompanied by a companion to help with reading documents, please let the public rooms staff know, and we will help make you both as comfortable as possible. All of our microfilm readers have a zoom lens to magnify print, and magnifying glasses are also available - please ask.

We do not allow conventional reading machines to be used at LMA, because of the damage they can cause to documents. Our staff have received Deaf Awareness training from the Royal Association for the Deaf. We have several regular users who are deaf, and the staff are used to holding written conversations, or using Typetalk on the telephone.

There are induction loops at the Information Area desk and throughout the main meeting room. Hearing aid users should switch to the 'T' setting to make use of these facilities.

Status updates about original items ordered from the document storage areas is shown on display screens in the Information Area and Archive Study rooms.


All our leaflets are produced in clear type. They may be produced in large print or on tape on request, free of charge. We can also arrange to have leaflets put into Braille on request.

30 March 2012
Last Modified:
22 January 2019